Yikes: Don Lemon Involved in Another Blow-up at Staffers

Photo by Scott Roth/Invision/AP

Don Lemon may not be much longer for CNN.

I reported earlier this week about the blow-up that Lemon had on the CNN set, screaming at his co-host Kaitlan Collins back in December. He accused her of “interrupting” him during their broadcast and she was so upset she “ran out of the studio,” according to reports. The cast and crew are still “rattled” and Collins wanted to spend as little time on the set with Lemon as possible.

CEO Chris Licht supposedly had a producer tell Lemon to “cool off” and told him to take a day off. He was off the following day. He was then told, “not to talk so much, to let other people talk.”

This collection from MRC, while not showing the screaming incident that boiled over, seems to show some of the tension/sensitivity from him in his interaction with Collins.

You can see he seems to react when she interjects to say things.

But Don Lemon is Don Lemon. He thinks everything should revolve around him. He had his nighttime show taken away from him when he was demoted to the morning show and he’s not a happy camper when he’s not the subject of all the attention.

But now reportedly, there’s been another incident. According to Radar Online, Lemon had a second “blowup” at work after the situation with Kaitlan Collins was exposed in all the media. Turns out that the company newsletter featured a story about him losing it on Collins and that caused him to blow up at CNN staffers.

“Don lost his mind internally and went ballistic at staffers after the CNN newsletter highlighted a story about him screaming,” a well-placed insider spilled on Friday.

The newsletter obtained by RadarOnline.com linked to a New York Post article reading, “Tensions on the set of ‘CNN This Morning’ have recently boiled over.”

Now Don Lemon is on “vacation” in California with his partner Tim Malone at the Beverly Hills Hotel according to pictures that Malone posted on Instagram. Is that more time to “cool off”?

In addition to this story showing there’s a continuing problem with Lemon, it also says something that the CNN newsletter would talk about his blowup with Collins. That would seem to suggest that no one is catering to him or covering up any bad behavior, even in the company newsletter. That’s probably what truly upsets him.

Megyn Kelly castigated him for his treatment of Collins and called him a “d**chebag” and said she wouldn’t have stood for such behavior.

But the problem here is that beyond his behavior, the show isn’t working and the ratings are terrible. If the ratings were great, CNN might tolerate him being a bit of a diva. But not when the ratings are in the basement. So what does that mean for Lemon’s time at CNN? One has to think that his time at the network isn’t going to last.



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