1 Weird Theory About Charlie Crist


You remember Charlie Crist, don’t you? He is the Democrat Congresscritter in Florida’s 13th District who was (nominally?) the Republican governor of the Sunshine State.

Crist was elected governor in 2006. He then abandoned his position to run for Senate in 2010.

Except that he lost. Big time in the primaries to Marco Rubio.

Crist, again completely opportunistically, dropped his GOP affiliation just as the party’s fortunes seemed to be in decline.

In 2012, he joined the Democrats with the hopes of riding Barack Obama’s popularity back to the governor’s mansion.

Except that he lost to Republican Rick Scott in 2014.

This former governor and senate candidate is now an unloved Backbencher in the probable history’s most unpopular Congress.

Because Crist abandoned his seat in order to pursue a more futile gubernatorial campaign, he won’t be there come January.

Charlie Crist may be the worst state-level retail politician.

He is often two steps behind the zeitgeist as a strategist. He is a political genius with the same political instincts as a boiled turnip but without the warmth.

After winning the Democratic nomination, Crist told Ron DeSantis supporters that his first act was to tell them that he didn’t want their votes. He said this because they had “hate in our hearts.”

Okay, then. No vote for you, weirdo.

Crist chose Karla Hernandez Mats to be his running mate for the next act. Mats, the president of a Florida teachers union that “covered up” for a teacher who pleaded guilty to sexual assault on a student for 12 years is something you might not have heard.

Hernandez-Mats is such an advocate for COVID-19 school closings, that she heard drive past school board meetings in 2020. She accused her parents of being “soldiers to faux rage”

She “tweeted” a cartoon in which she compared parents who wanted to reopen schools with slasher villains Freddy Krueger and Freddy Myers.

Even better: Charlie Crist openly embraces Joe Biden at a time when vulnerable Dems are running anti-Joe Biden ad campaigns.

Crist is already Florida’s most beloved pol, but he will soon be…

…in the middle of his own campaign.

He is so terrible at this stuff!

My one strange theory is that Charlie Crist never left the GOP.

He suddenly realized that he was the worst politician to ever get elected and that the best thing he could have done for his party was to pretend to be a Democrat and win elections instead.

It’s crazy and weird, but is it any more bizarre or crazy than anything you’ve seen recently?


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