Abbott Driving New York Democrats Insane With Operation Lone Star


On any given night, New York City has more than 18,000 homeless beds. Mayor Eric Adams and other city officials are unable to find space for 1,500 illegal aliens who were bused to New York City in the past few weeks.

An examination of the criticisms of Texas Governor Mayor Adams is brief. Greg Abbott shows that Adams does not have a foot to stand on. Adams and Democratic members have created a New York City “crisis” of illegal aliens that “overwhelms” the city.

According to the New York Post:

Abbott’s actions have been a source of outrage for city officials, who have seen buses full of migrants arrive in Washington, D.C.

Manuel Castro, the commissioner of New York City’s Office of Immigration Affairs said that Castro was “arming asylum seekers”. It is shameful and we have a moral obligation to condemn the abuse of human beings for political ends.

Are Democratic politicians outraged that Republicans use “human beings for their political purposes”? Oh, really? It’s not an issue in America for which Democrats don’t bring out some poor, oppressed person and claim the moral high ground.

Castro is correct. It’s a despicable tactic. Tell your fellow Democrats to stop using this tactic.

According to CNN:

“It’s unimaginable”. Adams stated at an unrelated press conference earlier this month, “If you visit a country for the first time, someone will throw you out”.

Alejandro Mayorkas, Department of Homeland Security Secretary, told CNN Thursday that Abbott’s attempts to transport migrants to DC and New York are throwing the federal system “out of control” and criticized the governor for failing to coordinate with federal authorities.

First, many illegal aliens who are being bused into New York City have been there at least once. Abbott is not throwing anyone out. It’s a fabrication. Abbott is simply giving Adams an opportunity to declare, with great fanfare, that New York City is a “sanctuary city”, except for a few thousand illegal immigrants arriving unannounced, and apparently uninvited.

The fact that illegal aliens ended up in New York City is a matter of fact that many illegal aliens would have ended up there regardless if they had traveled illegally. After crossing illegally, they were released by federal custody and allowed to remain in the country as long as they appear in court to defend their rights.

Adams has no grounds to complain about Abbott. Adams should complain to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C., the address of the man who can do something about it.


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