Harris Dodges Question On Who Will Pay For Student Loan Handout


Kamala Harris, Vice President United States, chose to criticize others who criticize her for not answering a question about funding the massive student loan handout programme.

Harris declined to answer the question of Fox News’ producer when Harris was asked about the incontinence that the government had not provided concrete information about where the money would be coming from.

Harris said that many of those who criticize our ability to fulfill a promise to forgive student loan debt are the same people who voted for a tax cut to America’s wealthiest citizens.

Harris was originally scheduled to attend the launch of Artemis 1. It was postponed. Harris answered another reporter’s question on a space-related topic.

President Biden will grant $10,000 federal student loans to those earning less than $125,000, or $250,000 to married couples. Pell Grant recipients may borrow $20,000 to finance their education. The program’s estimated cost is more than $500 billion according to some estimates.

The Administration has not yet provided details on how the proposal will be funded over the long-term. Bharat Ramamurti, deputy director of National Economic Council, stated that the plan was “fully funded” through the deficit reduction projects the administration has for the year.

The White House will also extend the pause on student loan payments through the end of this year. The Education Department has also made a new proposal that allows borrowers to limit their undergraduate loan repayments to 5% of their monthly income. This will increase taxpayer burden.

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