Academics Call Breastfeeding ‘Ethically Problematic.’ Can You Guess Why?


According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, there is no dispute about the benefits of breastfeeding an infant. “Most health professionals are familiar with the benefits of breastfeeding,” the organization says on its website. “The AAP continues to support the unequivocal evidence that breastfeeding protects against a variety of diseases and conditions.”

In addition to a long list of health benefits for the infant, there are significant health advantages for new mothers as well. 

However, according to leftist academics, breastfeeding is “ethically problematic.” Want to guess why?

Campus Reform has the details:

“We are concerned about breastfeeding promotion that praises breastfeeding as the ‘natural’ way to feed infants,” wrote Jessica Martucci of the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine and Anne Barnhill of Johns Hopkins University in the journal Pediatrics. “Promoting breastfeeding as ‘natural’ may be ethically problematic, and, even more troublingly, it may bolster this belief that ‘natural’ approaches are presumptively healthier.”
Martucci and Barnhill explained that in the 1950s and 1960s, a movement of women sought to promote breastfeeding in the wake of advances in medical formula technology — an approach that the researchers find “ethically problematic” because it may “support biologically deterministic arguments about the roles of men and women in the family” — for example, “that women should be the primary caretakers of children.”
“Referencing the ‘natural’ in breastfeeding promotion, then, may inadvertently endorse a controversial set of values about family life and gender roles, which would be ethically inappropriate,” they state.
The researchers were also concerned that such rhetoric “may ultimately challenge public health’s aims in other contexts, particularly childhood vaccination.”

I’m confused here. Aren’t leftists promoters of the idea that men can get pregnant and thus breastfeed? Last I checked, they were, so if men can get pregnant, as the left claims, why is breastfeeding suddenly problematic for reinforcing gender roles? For a few years now, we’ve seen radical leftist LGBTQ activists seek to make breastfeeding, and indeed, motherhood, gender-neutral. 

In the name of being more “inclusive” to transgender and nonbinary (read: mentally ill) people, the trans cult sought to remove women from their biologically established role in propagating the species. We’ve seen expectant mothers called “pregnant people” or ‘birthing people” and breastfeeding dubbed “chestfeeding.” Even more horrifically, there have been cases of lactation being induced in men through hormone injections so that they can sadly subject poor infants to something unnatural.

I suppose the transgender cult has figured out that people still associate pregnancy and breastfeeding with mothers because only women can get pregnant and breastfeed, and naturally, they have to cancel breastfeeding as a result.

It’s absolutely horrifying what the transgender cult is doing at the expense of women, children, and sanity.


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