Biden’s Malarkey-Filled Speech in Charleston Did Not Go Well


As part of his campaign of fear — due to his inability to campaign on his crisis-filled record and failing policies — President Joe Biden traveled to Charleston on Monday to deliver a speech at the Mother Emanuel AME Church where nine congregants were murdered by a white supremacist in 2015. 

As usual, Biden’s speech was off the rails in short order.

For example, Biden claimed that he “spent more time” in an AME church in Wilmington, Delaware “than most people I know, black or white.” That tall tale, Biden said, was “because that’s where I started a civil rights movement.” Oh boy.

Biden’s claims of being a foot soldier for racial progress have been debunked for literally decades, but that hasn’t stopped him from trotting out such statements whenever he speaks to predominantly black audiences. It’s equally improbable that Biden has spent more time than “most people” he knows in the Bethel AME Church — especially since he’s also claimed to have spent most of his time growing up in the “Puerto Rican community” while he “went to shul more than” others.

Biden also sought to rewrite more recent history when he labeled the violent riots, looting, and destruction during the summer of 2020 — which came with a price tag of $1-$2 billion in damages — a “historic movement for justice.”

In addition to his normal lies about history, Biden had a fair bit of trouble trying to land this line about “the big lie” which is ironic, given Biden’s lie-filled speech:

Finally, Biden also came face to face with Hamas sympathizers who interrupted his speech and put an antisemitic cherry on top of the mess that was Biden’s address.

As Guy noted on X, the “pro-Palestinian” demonstrators demanded “ceasefire now!” — a wish for Hamas to be able to continue its mission of erasing Israel and carrying out genocide against the Jewish people — while Biden attempted to commemorate a deadly shooting perpetrated by a white supremacist. 

One more fact-check for the road from Biden’s mess of a speech: the president, after creatively rewriting history to pander and/or paper over leftist violence, declared that he and his party are not “erasing history” but are instead “making history!” Making up history, perhaps. 

But more notably, in just the latest example of history erasure from Democrats, the Biden administration — via the National Park Service (NPS) — is moving ahead with plans to permanently remove a statue of William Penn from a park in Philadelphia. The erasure of this bit of history is to instead “highlight Native American history” at the site where Penn’s house once stood in the park named after Welcome, the ship that ferried the Keystone State’s namesake to America from England. 

That’s a lot of malarkey for one speech, even by Biden’s standards. But, as our RedState friend Bonchie pointed out, you’re not likely to hear anything but glowing reviews from the mainstream press — and certainly won’t see him receive a check on his claims.


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