After Georgia Ruined the Narrative, Now the Trans Community Is the Next Group Oppressed by Voter ID


A strikingly hypocritical detail was noticed when the video of President Jose Biden voting was released. The President entered the polling place and quickly reached for his wallet to show his identification. This was an illustration of one of the counter-arguments that were presented during the months-long debate surrounding the Georgia voter integrity legislation.

The requirement that a photo ID is presented to vote was one of the most controversial aspects of the new law. Many a Democrat and activist – including President Biden – weighed in on the restrictiveness and racism of requiring this verification while ignoring polls that showed that a majority, even minorities, supported the measure. Biden had declared that this was a return to the racist roots of the South. His own state required a photo ID. Here he was complying with the mandated verification, which he called “Jim Eagle” in reference to Georgia.

We saw that the hyperbolic accusations were completely false. The state had a large turnout in that first election. And then, when early voting began, records were made with the number of people who voted on the first day. The final blow to this narrative was Biden’s video ballot. However, this does not mean the leftists or the media are abandoning the issue.

Now, we learn that there is another claim of voter suppression. This involves the same claims being transported over and applied to a different group. It is now the trans community that faces voter restrictions due to stricter laws requiring photo identification. Yes, seriously. This is the NBC News NOW crew causing all the controversy.

The requirement to prove who you are now is deemed unfair for a minority group. This claim is at best a false one. The requirement does not target anyone. A problem with a person transitioning not matching their ID is their own fault. They have either transitioned to a new ID or they have not attempted to change their identity. They are not in trouble because of the law.

This map shows the new laws that they claim make it harder for trans people. The President was required to have an ID in Delaware, but that is not the case. Is it possible that trans voters are not at risk there, as the law requiring photo ID is older?

To understand the despair, you need to hear the words spoken in the report. Although it is stated that these photo ID requirements “disproportionately affect the community”, there are no explanations as to how it plays out. How? Is there any proof? We don’t get any proof, it doesn’t exist. They resort to speculation to try to sell the idea of trans exclusion as a crisis, but there is no evidence.

“They are concerned”

“They may be blocked”

“Can they create obstacles?”

“They are more likely to have IDs that don’t include the name they use”

It sounds good to be complaining about it even though there are not many examples that show this to be a serious threat to voters. As they face the possibility of a Republican flood, this is just another example of the media trying to make a stir with the results.

The same press that feigns outrage at anyone challenging the integrity of our electoral system.


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