Poll Reveals Most Voters Would Not Back Candidates Who Support Transitioning Children


Do you think that the media, those who are looking for social credit and clicks associated therewith, have made a lot of noise about transgender issues involving children?

As we get closer to the election season, polls are a hot topic.

63.3% stated that they would not vote for a candidate who supports transitioning
9.4% stated that they were unlikely to vote for one.
13.3% stated it was more likely
14.1% stated they would vote for pro-transition candidates.

The results of the poll were split by party lines. 96.5 percent said that they would not vote for the hypothetical candidate, while 79.2% said that they would. 85.4% of Hispanics polled said that they wouldn’t vote if the candidate supported transitioning children.

See? It was right. Mark Meckler, president of the Convention of States, was quoted by The Post Millennial.

“As in many election 2022 issues, the far left has gone to too far to push an unrestricted Transgender process for every child of any age. Every American feels out of control.

Meckler is right, particularly when he says that “unrestricted wokeness” has impacted voting decisions and that the midterms will bear that out. But the takeaway here is that despite what the media (broadcast, social, and print) may tell you, despite what your government (federal state, and local) may say, you are not wrong. And you are not in the minority. Even if there is a red wave that hits the shore with a resounding crash on Election Day, the Leftists will be back. They will be back with their media, their lies, and their intimidation. It may be the trans issue again, it may be abortion, hell, at this point it could be anything. But you are in the right, and you are not alone. Don’t let them shut you up or shut you down.


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