Amber Heard’s Attorney Makes Terrible Impression of Johnny Depp


Sometimes life is like art. Other times it’s like a bad movie with D-list actors. On Tuesday, in Virginia, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard faced off with their respective teams of lawyers trying to outdo each other. The Razzie winner in this show today should be Elaine Bredehoft (defense attorney), who forgot to turn on her microphone so many times, that the judge had several verbal chastises her.

For the love of God & man……..
Can someone please explain how cross-examination is supposed to work to Elaine??

“Mrs. Bredehoft, again, you have to turn on your microphone or I can’t hear you.” Judge#JohnnyDeppVsAmberHeardTrial#ElaineBredehoft #amberheardisapsychopath

— Kasshole 😁🍄🍒🌷🐿 (@HiattKassi) May 17, 2022

That was not the worst thing about Elaine’s horrible, embarrassing, terrible day. Depp was also visibly amused when she tried to imitate her voice. Since the trial began, Depp hasn’t looked at Heard. Heard tried to mock Depp, who is an emotional recording from a conversation he had with his ex-wife in person and said that he would never see her eyes again. Heard’s lawyer turned the courtroom into a stand-up comedy, lowered her voice, and attempted to imitate Depp’s tone. It is difficult to watch.

Twitter trend #ElaineBredehoft because of her many gaffes that have caused people to laugh. People in the gallery are finding it difficult to keep their laughter contained. They have been told not to react to anything happening in court. Reports indicate that several people left the courtroom in an attempt to get to the hallway, before breaking into fits of laughter. Bredehoft’s antics included arguing with an annoyed judge over the same objection repeatedly and not being in a position to rephrase the question that is leading (other than to throw in what she considers to be a magical phrase-“what, if any before that same question the judge declared leading just a few seconds before). The judge repeatedly said, “What if anyone isn’t the cure-all.” This has been a common internet joke.

This is footage of the gallery crashing, unable to suppress the laughter.

Bredehoft is trying to rephrase the question that the judge has already ruled was lead and hearsay.

The full video shows how it happened. Remember that I live to stream this #MeToo event on my YouTube channel each day until we have a verdict. Come join me!


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