Top Republicans Say Disinformation Board Pause Best Decision By Biden Admin


Top House Republicans weigh in on reports that “Disinformation Governance Board”, the Biden administration’s disinformation governance board, has been suspended following heavy criticisms over free speech concerns. They claim it’s the “best” decision by the Biden Administration due to its clearly political intent. According to sources, Wednesday’s disinformation board was placed on hold by The Associated Press and Nina Jankowicz will resign.

“The DHS Disinformation Governance Board suspension is the best decision made regarding this Orwellian entity. The ‘Ministry of Truth’ had no clear mission or direction from its initial botched rollout. It was obvious that it was a political tool to use by the party in power,” Rep. John Katko (R-N.Y.), ranking member of House Committee on Homeland Security and Rep. Mike Turner (R-Ohio), ranking member of House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in a joint statement.

Turner and Katko continued, “This board was only effective in reinforcing the Department of Homeland Security’s priorities are severely misplaced.” Cyber-attacks by adversaries threaten to cripple our critical infrastructure. The rise in violent crime puts Americans in danger. DHS is now focusing on protecting Americans’ freedom of speech.

“DHS isn’t managing its current missions. Why would we trust the same Department to unilaterally increase its mission and tell people what truth is?” This administration needs to be focused on national security and not make itself the ultimate arbiter between truth and speech. The Republicans of Homeland and Intelligence Committee will continue to work to ensure that this Board does not get off the ground,” they concluded.

Fox News was informed by the Department of Homeland Security that the board would be suspended for 75-days pending review and approval of the bipartisan Homeland Security Advisory Council.

Alejandro Mayorkas, DHS Secretary, “has asked the HSAC to make its final recommendations within seventy days.” The HSAC’s review will result in the Board not meeting and its work being halted. However, the Department’s crucial work across multiple administrations to address disinformation which threatens the security our country will continue.” A spokesperson said that the Board had been “grossly, intentionally mischaracterized.”

The White House also criticized the board’s critics while insisting that the board’s goals were correct.

“These smears by right-wing actors against a deeply trained expert and against efforts in better combating human smuggling, domestic terrorism and human smuggling are disgusting and the administration has repeatedly spoken out against them,” White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates said to Fox News on Wednesday.

“Nina Jankowicz and the board do not have any involvement in censorship or removing content from any source. They are responsible for keeping national security officials informed about how misinformation affects the threat environment. “She has strong credentials and a history in calling out misinformation from both left and right,” Sullivan said.

Both the left and right-leaning lawmakers criticized Jankowicz for his repeated statements discrediting the Hunter Biden laptop story as a “Trump campaign product” or a “Russian influence operation.”

The House Homeland Security Committee Republicans wrote to Mayorkas earlier this month to demand basic information about the agency, including the organization, members, schedule, and recommendations of the disinformation board. According to the Fox News Digital letter, they also criticised Mayorkas for confusingly rolling out the board.

Mayorkas announced the creation of a disinformation board by DHS to combat online misinformation at a House Appropriations Committee hearing last week.


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