Amid High Gas Prices, Pete Buttigieg Slammed For Telling Americans To Switch To Electric Cars


Critics slammed a clip of Pete Buttigieg, Department of Transportation Secretary, excitedly talking about how “most Americans” might switch to electric cars because of high gas prices. The short clip was taken from a Thursday interview with the government official and BigBoyTV. It shows Buttigieg discussing how the U.S. government wants to lower the price of electric cars so more Americans can buy them and avoid paying too much for gasoline.

Buttigieg smiled and said, “We’re for lowering the cost of electric cars, because an electric vehicle will also allow you to save gas. But you need to be able afford it.”

Buttigieg said, “Now, we’re actually beginning to see on some model’s, the cost come into where, even though your car payment’s higher, your gasoline payment will be lower and you come out ahead.”

He concluded the clip by stating, “But prices still need to drop for most Americans to be in a position to buy an EV.”

Americans are angry at Biden’s energy policies, which critics claim seem to have been following through on his campaign promise of getting Americans off fossil fuels. Buttigieg’s statements were an insult to that.

Buttigieg’s comments were retweeted by the official Twitter account for the Republican Party, who wrote, “Don’t forget that with the Biden Administration the pain is what the point.”

Robert McLaws, a businessman and BurnRate CEO, made some important points in response to Buttigieg’s clip. He tweeted, “1) Imagine Texas’ grid issues if they switched 100% electric vehicles. 2) Where is the electricity coming from if there’s no nuclear? Answer: coal. 3) In the meantime, how can we convince people to buy electric vehicles when they are unable to afford food and housing?

Author Denise McAllister advised voters to recall Buttigieg’s statement when he runs as President of the United States. This was a sad prospect, she said. She tweeted: “Remember this when Pete runs for president in the future. He’ll probably win the race — unfortunately.”

Dan Bishop, R.N.C. Congressman, attacked Buttigieg tweeting: “What a joke. The country has the ability to produce reliable energy, but the Biden administration wants to destroy our economy in order to promote their ‘green’ fantasies.

The clip was shared by the Twitter account of Republican National Committee Research team, who accused Buttigieg “bragging about” this policy.


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