AOC Roasted On Twitter After Being Heckled By Anti-War Activists At Her Town Hall


Rep Ocasio Cortez was present at the Bronx town hall on Wednesday. Two protestors disrupted the event in protest of Ocasio Cortez’s support for sending arms to Ukraine.

Dave Rubin is a political commentator who hosts “The Rubin Report”. He suggested that this event showed how Democratic figures can appear without corporate support.

“One striking thing about this video was that almost everyone is not in the audience. He tweeted that this was Democrat Party’s greatest Star.

RedState deputy managing Editor Brandon Morse commented that the activists had mentioned Tulsi Gabbard (ex-congressionwoman) and that she recently declared her resignation from the Democratic Party.

Ocasio Cortez had one defender.

“This is the dumbest thing that I have ever seen.” Tulsi Gabrield was praised, while Mehdi Hasan, MSNBC host, exclaimed in hysterics about opposing war, while also praising Tulsi Gabrield.

Hasan’s tweet received a response from a Democratic lawmaker who said that the worst thing about protesters was their “yelling” over deaf constituents asking for questions.


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