Did Joe Biden Try to Blackmail the Saudis To Interfere With the Midterms?


It is possible that you are aware that Joe Biden’s son Hunter was elected to a seat on the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma holdingss. This was despite Hunter not having any relevant experience. Video shows Biden bragging about his quid proquo, which includes naming Barack Obama as part and parcel of the scandal.
Joe Biden appears to be returning to his quid proquo ways.

Saudi Arabia claims Joe Biden wants to convince Saudi Arabia to delay cutting oil production by a month. Take another look at this calendar. It’s so convenient!

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has stated that they have denied OPEC+’s accusations about cutting oil production. They described their decision as taking sides in international conflicts and being politically motivated towards the United States of America. ”

The Kingdom claimed that OPEC+ decisions had been reached by consensus, and not by one country. These decisions are solely economic and aim to maintain oil market balance and decrease volatility that could harm consumers and producers.

The Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia wants to clarify that, based upon its belief in dialogue and exchange of points between its allies outside the OPEC+ Group about the situation on the oil market, the Government of the Kingdom clarified, through continuous consultations with the US Administration that all economic analyses indicate that delaying the OPEC+ Decision by a month would have adverse economic consequences.

The complete letter is

How much leverage did Joe Biden have with the Kingdom to reach this failed quid proquo

Biden’s national-security advisor Jake Sullivan stated Wednesday that there are many values and interests involved in our relationship with that country. The President will then ask the question: Does it serve the United States interests and values? What would you do to make the relationship more favorable for America’s interests and values?

This is akin to Joe Biden telling an ally to cut off military aid if they don’t do anything that helps Biden politically here at home. It’s not important. We are told that the delay in production cuts was a coincidence.

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