Appeals Court Blocks Biden’s Release Of Criminal Migrants


A federal court ruled that President Joe Biden should stop releasing thousands of convicted criminal migrants appealing deportation orders.

The Firth Circuit Court of Appeals had three judges and wrote:

Federal immigration law states that the Attorney General can “take into custody,” “shall hold,” and “shall expel” aliens convicted or subject to final orders of removal.

The judges stated that Biden’s Department of Homeland Security simply lacks the [legal] authority for making that [detention release] decision when the statutes clearly mandate such categorical [detention] treatments.”

Dale L. Wilcox is the executive director and general counsel for the Immigration Reform Law Institute. He said, “We… salute the Fifth Circuit for not giving the administration the extra time that it sought to violate law and endanger Americans.”

Andrew Arthur, an ex-immigration judge and now a Center for Immigration Studies employee, said that “it’s a pretty significant victory.” It’s very well written and straightforward. And it does address some of the [detention] issues the Supreme Court passed last week.

This decision comes just a week after the Supreme Court evaded the main issue of whether Biden’s government is violating Congress’s “shall be detained” immigration law by refusing detain new, non-criminal migrants even when there is ample space in detention centres.

Biden’s staff will likely appeal the Appeals Court decision. Arthur stated that the Supreme Court will hear an appeal from Biden’s staff to determine if his pro-migration deputies have broken multiple laws by failing to detain newly arrived illegal migrants.

The Appeals Court’s decision contains a graphic that shows how the administration has reduced the number of criminal migrants detained while they appeal or reappeal deportation orders.

The Appeals Court observed that many Americans were victims of Biden’s release policy:

[The Department of Homeland Security] has acknowledged in 2019 that criminal aliens recidivate or abscond at a higher rate:

“Of the 123.128 ERO administrative arrests made in FY 2019, with criminal convictions or pending crimes, the criminal history of this group was 489,063 total convictions and pending cases as of the date for arrest. This equates to an average four criminal arrests/convictions per individual alien, highlighting how recidivist the aliens that ICE detains.”

In November 2021, Breitbart News reported:

Jose Omar Bello Reyes (24-year-old illegal alien) is being sought by the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office for the murder of a man, 58, who was found dead in an orchard. In connection with the murder, two other suspects were arrested, Jesus Manjarrez, 23, and Dan Eli Perez Perez, 38. They are currently being held without bail.

Since 2000, Reyes has been illegally living in the U.S. Reyes was deported after ICE arrested him in May 2018. Reyes was released by ICE custody in August 2018 on a $10,000 bond.

This criminal damage to ordinary Americans is only one example of the immense damage done by pro-migration advocates in the government, headed by Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden’s promigration border chief.

For example, U.S. officials and their political allies ignore the record number of deaths and rapes of migrants delivered by coyote networks to Biden’s government.

Biden’s officials ignore the immense economic and civic damage done to sending countries and the greater direct economic harm caused by 300 million Americans’ colonialism-like policies of removing workers, consumers, renters, and workers from poor countries.

Texas v. United States is the case. 22-40367 at the U.S. Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit.

The D.C. establishment has taken tens of million of illegal migrants and visa workers from low-income countries since at least 1990 to serve as legal and temporary workers, workers, renters, and workers for various U.S. CEOs and investors.

The economic strategy of Extraction Migration is unstoppable. It’s a brutal strategy for ordinary Americans, as it reduces their career opportunities, lowers their wages and housing costs, and has pushed at least ten millions of American men out the labor market.

Because employers can use stoop labor rather than machines, extraction migration can also cause distortions in the economy and reduce Americans’ productivity. Also, migration reduces the political power of voters, weakens workers’ rights at work, and widens regional wealth gaps between the Democrats and Republicans’ major coastal states and their heartland states.

Because it allows the wealthy elites to ignore the poor and marginalized Americans at bottom of society, an economy built on extract migration can also alienate young people.

A variety of noble-sounding explanations and excuses cover the extraction migration economic strategy. Progressives, for example, claim that the United States is a “Nation of Immigrants” and that Americans have a responsibility to accept refugees from abroad. They also argue that the state must renew its population.

The colonialism-like economic strategy kills many migrants and exploits the poor. It also splits families because it takes human-resources wealth from the poor countries. Companies are less likely to be pressured by shareholders to develop trade partnerships with poor countries through the migration policy.

According to polls, there is widespread opposition to labor migration and the inflow temporary workers into jobs that are sought after by U.S. students.

Opposition is growing. It is anti-establishment and multiracial, transsex, nonracist, class-based.


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