Average Price Of Gas In One California County Soars To $7.79


California’s average gas price has reached record levels. These counties have some of the highest gas prices anywhere in the country.

On Monday, the national average gas price reached $5.014. This represents a nearly 15-cent increase in gas prices over the past week and a 58-cent increase in gas prices in the last month.

21 states currently have gas prices that exceed $5.00 per gallon. These include Maine, Vermont and New York. Massachusetts, Rhode Island. New York, New Jersey. Pennsylvania. Ohio. Indiana. Michigan. Alaska. Hawaii. Washington. Oregon. Utah. Nevada. Arizona. California is the state with the highest average gas prices in the country at $6.436 per gallon.

However, the reality is worse than it seems. Several counties in these states have average prices that exceed $6.00.

For example, the average price in Washoe County in Nevada is $6.122. However, several California counties have averages that are higher than the state’s astronomical average. These include Monterey ($6.600), San Mateo (6.637), Sonoma (6.613), Humboldt (6.825). California’s Alpine County is currently the county with the highest average gas price, at $7.799. Mono County is close behind with a $7.234 average price.

Diesel prices in the state are now at an all-time high of $7.00. They were $6.991 on Monday.

Biden officials have not done much to address the concerns of Americans, who indicate that gas prices will be a major issue in the midterm elections.


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