Biden Announces His Illegal Student Loan Move With Senility and Casual Racism


Joe Biden confirmed Wednesday’s reports that he would “forgive” federal student loan debts totaling tens and thousands of dollars. Many of these borrowers are among the most well-off and privileged in America. As I have written, I find the move morally unacceptable. It forces an electrician who paid for technical training to pay for the gender studies degree at some far-left kook earning $100K per year in an academic job.

Biden, for his part, took to the podium to announce his decision while answering a few questions. The few questions he did ask received some of the most absurd answers of his presidency. But, before we get there, the president tried to set up things in a way that absolutely no one understood.

What in the world does he mean?

What in the world is Biden talking about?

Does he even know where he is?

— Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck) August 24, 2022

You’ll notice that the video is two minutes long and Biden doesn’t get to the point. This is quite common for his public speaking these days. Is it not troubling that the man who is about to do an illegal act as president of the United States is senile? This gross abuse will benefit far too many people, even journalists, in the smart group, so expect little resistance outside Fox News.

However, one ABC News reporter was not afraid to get her feet in the water. She asked about fairness for those who have paid off student loans but chose not to borrow. The rest was unintelligible.

ABC’s @KarenTravers: “Is this unfair to people who paid their student loans or chose not to take out loans?”

Biden: “Is it fair to people who…do not own multibillion dollar businesses? They see why these guys getting all the tax credits? Is that fair? What do you think?”

— Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck) August 24, 2022

Is there any logic? The logic seems to be that the government has in the past hosted taxpayers to give tax credits to big businesses (something most conservatives opposed), so we should do it again to repay the loans of those with graduate degrees. Even then, it doesn’t make sense as a tax credit is not required to be paid for. It simply means that the government has not imposed a tax. If you “cancel” student loans, the money is already paid and the loan defaults. This money must come from somewhere.

Biden switched from displaying his senility to showcasing casual racism, another hallmark of his time in public.

BIDEN: “Black and Hispanic borrowers…they don’t own their homes to borrow against to be able to pay for college.”

— (@townhallcom) August 24, 2022

Is the President of the United States implying that Hispanic and black people don’t have homes? Is that really what he is trying to say? While I understand that it does happen, the number of people who borrow against their homes to pay for college is much smaller than traditional loans. It is not that all whites have huge equity to pay for college. This would be an exception and not the norm. Biden assumes that minorities cannot own houses and justifies this. This remark would be slammed by every Republican. Biden will be given shoulder shrugs.

Yet, among all the ridiculous things the president said in his presser the one thing that stood out to me was the one he didn’t say. The university system is a fraudster and must be reformed.

Biden: “The cost of education beyond high school has gone up significantly … Many states have cut back support for their state universities, leaving students to pick up more of the tab.”

— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) August 24, 2022

Biden claims that student debt is caused by all except those universities that charge $100-200K per piece of paper. These institutions would be closed down in any industry for fraud. However, Democrats have become so dependent on academia as a political tool that they are unable to criticize it.

This means that there will be no change. In a few years, “debt crises” will return to the same levels as today. As universities continue to increase tuition, they will spend huge sums on useless administrative positions and tenured professors. Their endowments of hundreds of billions of dollars will continue to be unaffected while the Home Depot salesman gets the bill. It’s absurd, and if Republicans are unable to make this a winning issue what’s the point?

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