Biden Appears to Shake Hands With No One


Joe Biden met on Thursday with Yair Lapid, Israeli Prime Minister, and President Isaac Herzog. Herzog presented Biden with the Presidential Medal of Honor.

To be eligible for this award, the qualifications must be extremely low. Did the medal go to the highest level of inflation since 1981? Maybe it was awarded for the lowest approval ratings. Perhaps it was for the shipment of crude oil to communist China at the highest prices in years.

Israel awarded him an award, regardless of the reason. The rest was confusing.

Herzog pointed Biden towards his seat and Biden quickly turned around to shake hands.

It seems like the formaldehyde has worn off and Ol’ Joe may be losing it.

While some might argue that Biden was gesturing to his chair, you can clearly see Herzog quickly walking over to Biden to help him. This isn’t the first time Biden has made a joke on the international stage.

We must not forget about Biden’s fall from the stairs.

Or when he was unable to make his mark and continued walking on the White House lawn.

Or when he wandered away during the speech of the First Lady.

Or the other time he went off and was brought back by Easter Bunny.

What about the time he lost control of his bike and fell from it?

Biden also read his teleprompter through, akin to Anchorman. He said, “Repeat that line.”

It is safe to say that Biden was doing what he does every day: acting without thinking. Imagine Trump making just one of these mistakes. It would have been on 24/7 in the mainstream media, but Biden keeps it on loop and doesn’t say a thing from the left.


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