Biden Can’t Fix Inflation If He Can’t Stop Lying About It


For several months, I have been accusing President Biden of having no plan to deal with inflation. My accusation was false. On closer inspection, it becomes apparent that they simply want to hope that everyone is good at math.

Although my math skills are not as good as they were when I was a boy, I still know how to distinguish the big numbers from the small ones.

These days, there have been many more large numbers. But here’s the truth: Team Biden keeps reminding us that it’s all just a fantasy. It’s too real, unfortunately.

Gwendolyn wrote this weekend about the current state the U.S. Misery Index.

Economists can use this data to determine the country’s economic health. To get a snapshot of the economy, they add the U.S. unemployment rate (currently 3.6%) to the current U.S. inflation rate (currently 8.58%). This is the U.S. Misery Index.

The current U.S. Misery Index is at 12.18%.

Inflation is at an all-time high, not seen since the Jimmy Carter Administration, it’s no surprise that the Misery Index rose higher than last month’s levels. This caused increases in basic necessities such as food, shelter, and gasoline. This means that American consumers feel Bidenflation every day.

The average person is what they are experiencing every day, regardless of how much the White House spins the world. They don’t stop trying, however. They actually tried to promote the notion that inflation only affects the upper classes last fall.

Team Clown Car assures us that everything will be fine. Rick tells the story:

We all expect the White House will spin negative economic news. Karine Jean-Pierre, White House press secretary, stated that “what we’re trying is to say that the economy is better than it has ever been historically.” “We believe that we are in a strong position to tackle inflation.

When I wrote my first article about the government’s inexcusable inflation lies, it was exactly one year ago. The problem is that nothing has changed. None of those who should be involved in resolving the problem are honest. We can see that they are delusional about the entire economy.

It’s one thing for politicians to try to make a pig look better and then sell it to the public. It seems that Biden’s staff is trying to spin the story for themselves.

This is a rough guideline for finding the right solution.

It might be more comforting at this point if President LOL Eighty-one-million, his staff, and others would just shake their heads and say “Yeah…no idea.” This honesty would be refreshing.

If they aren’t honest about their situation, there won’t be a plan. and therefore no solution. This is like a physician looking at a severed femoral artery and prescribing amoxicillin because he keeps telling himself that the patient has an ear infection.

This patient will bleed out quickly.

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