Soros Encounters Latino Resistance


Radio Mambi, WAQI 701, is part of Miami’s fabric, just like Cafecito or Cafe Cubano. In a city with 80% or more Spanish-speaking neighborhoods, it is a Spanish-language radio station. It is like telenovelas and it is always there in the background, part of the pulse of this vibrant American city.

You can hear Cuban voices accompanied by the muffled sounds of good Rum, Venezuelans, or Colombians.

Soros, a billionaire has joined an $80m venture to buy large amounts of Spanish media including TelevisaUnivision.

Soros and his cronies believe ownership is the best way of controlling the narrative. Marcus Aurelius stated, “He who eats my bread, does mine will.” It’s cheaper to buy political constituencies via media manipulation than it is to engage in fair-minded political debate.

Mambi is the name of a soldier who fought in the Cuban independence War in 1898. Radio Mambi could be a way to keep the package on air. The package may not be completed in time to vote for November.

Twitter has proven that it is hard to stop a billionaire from buying a company. False narratives are hard to stop. Nevertheless, if your former country was lost because of false narratives, you tend to fight hard against promoting false narratives. In fact, you tend to see all narratives as pretty much false. In other countries, narratives are called propaganda. Here they are called public relations. It’s a mindless spin, designed to fool people, no matter your perception. And if enough employees at Radio Mambi want no part of George Soros’ attempt to promote mindless spin to the Latino community, he may find this Cafecito way too hot to swallow.


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