Biden Can’t Keep His Existential Threats Straight at NY Fundraiser, Misleads Media About Press Conference

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Joe Biden was in New York City, hitting three fundraisers on Wednesday. 

I really have to wonder what kind of money he’s getting when he talks to dead people and his brain is always breaking. But perhaps they don’t care. He says astonishingly bad things, and you can hear the seals in some of these Democratic events just clap or cheer obediently. 

The first of his fundraisers was at the private home of Larry Linden, the former managing partner of Goldman Sachs. But if the people were following along, Biden didn’t seem to understand what he was saying. 

Bloomberg’s Jennifer Jacobs noted that first, he said that there was “one existential threat” to the world: the environment. 

“There is only one existential threat we face in the world,” Biden said. 

“That’s the environment. I mean it literally is the existential threat. It’s even more consequential than nuclear power — nuclear war. That would be horrible … and make the environment incredibly worse.”

Um, Joe? “The environment” isn’t an existential threat. He likely meant climate change, but he couldn’t even get that straight. 

But at the same event, suddenly, he changed his mind as to what the “one existential threat” was. 

“There is one existential threat: It’s Donald Trump,” Biden then claimed, seeming to forget about the “environment.” 

“He’ll try to undo everything we’ve done… We can’t let that happen,” Biden said to the small group of about 17 people. 

So what happened? Did he change his mind halfway through, or doesn’t he know how to count to two?  

The problem, of course, is he doesn’t know what he’s saying from one minute to the next. So he doesn’t even realize that he’s contradicting himself. 

Here’s a couple of prior “threat” comments. 

At the second fundraiser at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel near Columbus Circle, he spoke to about 200 people, which was expected to include JPMorgan managing director Nikul Patel and investor Michael Sonnenfeldt. He managed to swallow a cough drop that caused him to cough during his remarks. 

Anti-Israel protesters camped out on Fifth Avenue near the third fundraiser, trying to block the road into the venue to protest Biden. But the police cleared them out, and multiple people were arrested. 

“We will not let this warmonger drive around our streets and our city like he is not causing death and destruction in our name,” she said.
“While he is in our city, he will feel nothing but disruptions.” 
Asked if she had thought about the possibility of being arrested for disruptions, she said, “We’ll get out.” 

Of course, they will get out. They’re leftists in New York, covered by the magical “D,” plus New York lets virtually everyone out, as we’ve seen. 

It’s funny that Biden can’t keep that “one” existential threat straight in his head. Because, indeed, he faced it in New York, and he’s encouraged it with his actions in the past: It’s the far left’s intent to radically change and/or do away with our nation as we understand it. That’s the real existential threat. Biden has handed the left all kinds of gains down that path. 

But he also had one other area of confusion/contradicting himself/saying something that wasn’t true. 

Biden told reporters on Feb. 6 that he would be back at the White House on Thursday and would answer their questions. 

But as Jacobs reports, what Biden said isn’t true, or maybe someone decided against letting him do it. 

Not only is he not having a press conference, but he’s also not going to be doing a normal press conference that you would do on the visit of a world leader. 

Welcome back to the efforts to cover old Joe’s issues. 

It isn’t working. 


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