Hillary Clinton’s Wild Comments About Russia, Tucker and Trump

AP Photo/Peter Morrison

I supposed if I cared about Hillary Clinton, it would be sad to see how bitter she still is about former President Donald Trump beating her in the presidential race in 2016. She was so convinced she was entitled to it. Even with all she did to smear Trump, she still lost. Now she’s probably extra mad that he appears to have a lead over the very confused Joe Biden in the 2024 race. 

Clinton gave an interview to MSNBC’s Alex Wagner, where she attacked both Trump and Tucker Carlson, and naturally, we heard again the “Russia, Russia, Russia” hoax. That is rich, given she was the one peddling disinformation from foreign nationals, including information that supposedly came from Russians. 

Hillary bashed Carlson interviewing Putin, “The first American, I’ll say journalist, to interview Putin since the war in Ukraine began. What does that tell you about Tucker Carlson and right-wing media, and also Vladimir Putin?”

Um, that he’s a journalist? That’s what they do. They don’t all just promote the Democratic narrative. Apparently, it’s okay when she meets with Putin and wants a reset (and gets the wrong word) but Tucker isn’t allowed to be a journalist. 

Then she claimed Tucker was a “useful idiot” for Russia who was “like a puppy dog” and had been “fired from so many outlets.” 

She said she wouldn’t be surprised if he emerged with a contract from a Russian outlet. She just can’t let the Russian conspiracies go. And it’s funny that she attacks Carlson for being fired, when she was rejected by millions on the world stage for the one job she thought she was entitled to. 

Clinton used the exact same terminology Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) did – “useful idiot” — during his attack on Tucker, so you have to assume that the talking points have gone out. 

Hillary also used another Democratic talking point as she tried to go after Trump on the border, claiming Republicans weren’t agreeing to the horrible Democratic bill because Trump told them not to. But I think she just ended up making him sound more powerful. Who do they think believes this when Democrats screamed about Trump caring about the border, calling him a racist and all kinds of other things? They didn’t give a darn about the border, up until last month when they realized they needed to care because of the election and because Biden’s polling was so in the hole on that question. 

This is very funny, coming from her. 

They’d rather try to blame Trump than acknowledge their bill stinks and that’s why Trump and Republicans don’t want it. That’s why Americans don’t want it. And if she wants to talk about dysfunction, has she looked at Joe Biden lately? Not only is he talking to dead people, but Trump had a secure border, and Biden has one that he himself threw into a record-breaking crisis. Biden doesn’t need a bill to enforce the law that already exists. But Biden will not enforce the “rule of law,” preferring to “rule” as he chooses. 

What was perhaps saddest of all for her is that she’s still pushing Russia collusion, even now. Sorry, Hillary but no one believes you. 

Like I said, if she had a conscience, I might feel sad for her. But since she doesn’t, I just find it very funny that she’s still fuming. 


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