Biden Gun Control Speech Interrupted By Father Of Parkland Shooting Victim


A father of a child killed in a massacre at a Parkland school, Florida school has interrupted President Biden’s Monday celebration of the passage of a bipartisan gun legislation. After shouting at Biden, Manuel Oliver was taken out of the room. Oliver’s twitter bio states that he is the father Joaquin Oliver who was one of those killed in the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High school shooting of 2018.

It is not known what Oliver actually said during the event that took place in the South Lawn at the White House.

Oliver tweeted that the word CELEBRATION was too big in a society where 19 children were killed just one month ago. “Most people underestimate the amount they can accomplish in one year, and overestimate their potential in the next ten years. Joaquin, me not.

Biden stopped talking when Oliver interrupted his remarks and tried to persuade him to stop before he was taken away.

Biden stated, “Sit down and you’ll hear my words.”

“We have one. Let me end my comment. Let me speak,” Biden said, before continuing the event after a short, but rare interruption at White House grounds.

Due to the strict security measures at The White House, it is rare for protestors or hecklers to interrupt a presidential speech. In 2006, a protestor disrupted an event with President George W. Bush and the then-Chinese President Hu Jintao. She was later convicted.

Dozens of Congress members attended Monday’s event, including Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas), who led negotiations for Republicans. Cornyn was able to convince 15 Senate Republicans to support the bill, clearing the chamber’s filibuster threshold.

Monday’s remarks were also made by Biden and other speakers, who said that the bipartisan Safer Communities Act was just one step towards a complete ban on assault weapons.

Biden stated, “Now is the right time to galvanize the movement because that’s the people’s duty to this nation.” “We live in a country that is awash with weapons of war.”

Biden spoke out about the dangers that assault weapons can cause to civilians and the requirements for military personnel before they are allowed to acquire weapons. It doesn’t make any sense that civilians can have the same weapons.


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