Biden Hits New Heights With Festival of Lies During Navy Graduation Speech


Joe Biden was once told that it is important to relate to your audience in order to deliver great speeches. Biden’s stories include talking to truck drivers and his imaginary encounters with Amtrak conductors.

Joe Biden visited America on Friday. The Naval Academy to address the graduating classes in 2022. Congratulations!

This is what Biden said: “Before I started my speech, I had an idea. (Laughter.) I was told that Class 1972 is here. In 1965, a senator appointed me to the Academy. This was in opposition to my candidacy for 1972. It wasn’t my intention. I was only 29 years old when I ran. His name was J. Caleb Boggs”.

I didn’t come to the Academy because I wanted to be a football star. And you had a guy named Staubach and Bellino here. So I went to Delaware.

This story is nonsense. He graduated from the University of Delaware in 1965. No, he wouldn’t have been getting an appointment to the Academy at that point. So, he didn’t decide against the Academy because he wanted to go to Delaware — he was already going to Delaware.

He continued: Biden stated that “All kidding aside”, Friday’s debate ended in the “best line” — the announcer, questioner who was a great person but also supported my opponent, who was also great — and he asked, “Sen. Boggs. Do you have any other?” He replied, “Yes Joe, I would still have one and three months of active duty and I’d be fine right now.” He said, “You know Joe. If I accept your commission as — to the academy then you’d still be able to serve one and three months of active duty and I would not have any problems right now. ”

It is unknown if Biden ever told this story before. Biden’s 2008 autobiography “Promises to Keep” does not mention the Naval Academy.


Joe Biden received five student deferments in the 1960s, while he was still at college. He was said to be “unfit” for service in 1968 because of asthma, despite playing football and lifeguard.

Biden also claimed that he had been in Iraq and Afghanistan several times and that his son had lost his life in action.

You are truly special, and I mean it. After a year spent in Iraq, my son was awarded the Bronze Star, Conspicuous Service Medal.

This is an awful thing to say, especially to young veterans of the military.

This falsehood was exposed by the Washington Post in the past. The Washington Post also reported that Biden’s 2019 campaign clarified that 21 visits were the correct number.

Biden repeated the strange whispering, saying, “I’m Your Command-in-Chief.”

Biden Whispers to Naval Academy Graduates: ‘I Am Your Commander-in-Chief’

Biden: “You’ve all got so much to be proud of. You really do. By the way, once you’re commissioned, remember, (whispers) I’m your commander-in-chief. So don’t ask me too tough a question, okay?”

— UngaTheGreat (@UngaTheGreat) May 27, 2022

This sounds more like an alert than a message. This is not something to inspire confidence on graduation day.

Biden claimed he persuaded North Korea to agree to sanctions against Russia.

Did anyone, if I may pause for a moment, think that Russia would be supported by sanctions if I asked for them?

He was referring to South Korea. Joe, they are not the same thing.

Biden also was trying to say “Finlandize” (meaning: taking a more neutral position) but instead, he said “Fingalize.” “The actions taken by Putin were an attempt to — to use my phrase — to Fingalize all of Europe, make it all neutral,” Biden said. “Instead, he NATO-ized all of Europe.”

Then he performed more mask theater. He removed his mask when he got to his seat.

President Biden attends Naval Academy graduation at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis

— Lucas Tomlinson (@LucasFoxNews) May 27, 2022

What do you do when someone in such a position of power doesn’t know what reality is?

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