NY Judge Shoots Down Activists’ Attempt to End Gifted and Talented Program


This week, a New York judge dismissed an activist group’s lawsuit against New York City’s Gifted and Talented program. The ruling was one-paragraph in length.

According to the Washington Examiner’s report, IntegrateNYC claimed that the G&T program created a racial “caste” system through a school curriculum that “centers white experiences.” The activists also accused the City of failing to hire diverse staff and removing racism.

I don’t know what to think, but it is a puzzle that a “caste system” that “centers white experience” could still exist in NYC, despite the chaos that has been created by these two men.

Mark Rosenbaum, one of the plaintiffs’ attorneys, described the lawsuit as “the first in the nation to seek an anti-racist educational right under the constitution.” On Wednesday, New York Supreme Court Justice Frank P. Neuroo dismissed the case in a single paragraph ruling. This was transcribed by The Examiner.

The proper branch of government for hearing petitioners’ prayers is the legislature and not the judiciary. This petition seeks to have the Court make an education policy. It is therefore a non-justiciable controversy.

Exactly. The hypocrisy of leftists knows no bounds, not to mention. One, the left is ridiculing “the end to democracy” in America, while the U.S. Supreme Court seems poised to uphold Roe v. Wade. While believing that individual states and citizens have the constitutional right of making their own decisions about abortion, anti-racist activists from New York are turning to the judicial systems for judicial activism when they can’t get their way through legislative processes.

How can one square this circle? It is impossible. Period.

IntegrateNYC and all left-wingers agree that the judiciary — whether it is local, state, or federal — can only be viewed as a tool for the left to further its political agenda. Hence, judicial activism. What happens when the courts don’t behave? We are told by the left what their real thoughts about “justice” are.

Let’s return to Gifted & Talented programs. This is in contrast with the soft bigotry and low expectations I mentioned at the top. A simple question: How can lowering academic standards for gifted and talented students benefit students at lower levels of scholastic achievement.

How can dumbing down education standards for smart children help “less-smart?” We reported that Oregon Governor Kate Brown had eliminated the reading, writing, and math proficiency requirements for high school graduation. Who and how did it help?

The ugly truth? The radical left truly believes that protecting certain groups or individuals from the “embarrassment” of failing to achieve various educational benefits somehow protects those kids.

Tip to the Left: This is not how the real world works. No one is entitled to job requirements, career goals, promotions, or any other standard based on race, color, intelligence, or gender. How many times have Democrats preached about “leveling playing fields”?

But now? China continues to produce mathematicians and physicists like mad.

However, America’s colleges are very concerned about protecting self-gender identity, using “proper” pronouns, and “dumbed down” education systems that ensure everyone wins the same prize.

Please, God, help us.


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