Biden Proud Of Son Hunter, Claims He Is On The Straight And Narrow Amid Potential Criminal Charges


President Biden stated that Hunter Biden is “on track” and that he is proud of him, despite recent criminal accusations against him, such as tax fraud and lying about purchasing a gun.

The president spoke out in defense of his son during a Tuesday interview with Jake Tapper, CNN host. He was facing possible tax and false statement charges from David Weiss (the U.S. attorney for Delaware).

Tapper was told by the president, “I’m proud to my son.” Tapper was proud to say that this is not a child who got — he’s a grown-up man. Like many families, he got addicted to drugs. He has overcome this. He has a new beginning.

Tapper asked Biden specifically to respond to a report by the FBI that claimed there was enough evidence to indict Hunte for tax fraud and to deny his drug use on a gun purchase form.

Biden, who repeatedly denied knowing anything about his son’s business dealings has answered, “He is — He is confident that he’s — What he says and does is consistent with what actually happens.” He wrote a book about his troubles and was very straightforward about it. He is a great man.

Biden stated that he is confident in his son and loves him. He has also said that he has been “on straight and narrow” for many years.

The possible false statement charge stems out of a gun purchase in 2018 and whether the accused lied about his drug use during that process.

Fox News reviewed a firearm transaction report and found that Hunter Biden bought a gun in October 2018. Biden was asked by Fox News if he was an illegal user or addicted to marijuana, any depressant stimulant, narcotic, drug or other controlled substance. Biden said no.

After testing positive for cocaine, Hunter Biden was expelled from the Navy in 2014.

After authorities discovered the gun, which Hunter Biden owned, in a trashcan outside a market close to a school in Delaware, they began an investigation.

Fox News reported that a source who knew the police report said Hallie Biden was the widow of Beau Biden’s son, and was in a relationship at the time with Hunter. She threw the firearm in trash.

Jen Psaki, former White House press secretary, downplayed the possibility of charges during a Sunday appearance on Meet the Press. She suggested that voters don’t care whether the president’s son has committed crimes.

House Republicans promised to investigate Hunter Biden’s business dealings and any conflict of interest that President Biden might have in them, should they win the House majority in November midterm elections.

Since 2018, Hunter Biden remains under federal investigation.


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