Nurse Accused of Murdering 7 Infants Sent Condolence Card to First Infant’s Parents


An accused British nurse, who is accused of killing seven babies prematurely, allegedly sent a condolence note to the parents of one baby she was charged with.

Lucy Letby is also charged with seven murders and attempts to murder ten additional babies at the Countess of Chester Hospital. She confessed to the police that she sent the card and claimed it was not normal.

According to testimony, she admitted that she had an image from the card on her phone during her trial. After allegedly trying to kill the child three more times, the nurse reportedly obtained the card.

The child was doing well up until Letby “got her hand on her,” Nick Johnson, the prosecuting attorney, stated that the baby began to vomit and had breathing difficulties. According to The Daily Mail, Johnson stated that the child was “persistent, it was calculated, and it was cold-blooded.”

Lucy Letby is accused of injecting babies with insulin, air, or milk at night while the parents weren’t there.

Johnson showed the jury a picture of Letby’s yellow Post-it note. Johnson stated that Letby wrote, “I don’t deserve to die.” They were killed on purpose, I was not good enough,” “I am an evil person” and “I am EVIL I did this.”

Johnson stated, “Well, ladies, gentlemen, that is in a nutshell your task in the case.” After you have listened to all the evidence, you will decide if she did these terrible things.

Police investigating the murders of seven babies found a note in the home of neo-natal nurse Lucy Letby saying ‘I am evil, I did this’, a jury heard this morning.

— Dan Haygarth (@DanHaygarth1) October 13, 2022

Lucy was accused of trying to kill twins multiple times and, in June 2016, she murdered two triplets. The third baby survived.

Lucy is accused of murdering her first child. The prosecution claims she first inhaled air into the baby’s stomach, then tried twice more. The baby survived the third attempt and was then transferred to another unit. However, the baby suffered a cardiac arrest after she was returned to Letby.

After the baby died, the parents were asked if they would like to bathe their child. Johnson said that the baby’s mother had “bathed her child recently deceased” and Letby entered the room. Johnson continued, “Smiling and continuing to tell the mother about Child I’s first bath, and how much the child loved it,” Johnson added.

According to The Daily Mail, “A post-mortem showed that all the loops of the infant’s bowel were significantly dilapidated due to an increase in air content.”

Johnson stated, “We believe it is significant that children in the orbit of Lucy Letby consistently and persistently suffered unexplained crashes.”

He stated, “Sometimes her work is more evident than others. It is remarkable that when children have suffered life-threatening and unexpectedly dramatic collapses, they were taken from her orbit and had extraordinary recoveries.”

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