Biden Seemingly Apologizes To White House Staff After Taking Too Many Media Questions


After being told to stop answering questions from reporters, President Biden seemed to apologize to his staff at a White House event.

Biden met with local officials on Women’s Equality Day and activists to discuss ensuring abortion access in the country following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe V. Wade.

The most memorable moment was when Biden, confused, tried to answer too many questions from the media and awkwardly apologized for not taking control of the situation.

Biden finished one question and pointed to another reporter who was ready to answer more questions. As can be seen on video, an administrative staff member tried to stop Biden from answering questions.

Offscreen staffer said, “Thanks so much, Mr. president for -.” Biden was caught off guard and abruptly apologized. He stammered, “Oh, I …” sorry.”

Biden leaned back, his arms raised as if trying defuse the situation. That is not what I should do. Although the staffer assured Biden it was no problem, Biden again stated that he wasn’t allowed to do so.

The man seemed to give up control to his staff and said, “Go ahead, tell me!” The unidentified staffer quickly took over the situation and stated, “I think that we’re going to go ahead with the rest of [barely audible] closed-to-press.” We are grateful to you all.

Biden sat awkwardly while journalists left the room, shouting at the president.

Many conservatives on Twitter wondered if Biden is calling the shots or if his handlers are.

Bernard Kerik, an author and ex-NYPD police commissioner, asked the same question on Twitter. “WHERE IS HE TAKEN ORDERS FROM?”

Senator Josh Hawley (Republican from Missouri), Abigail Marone, Abigail Marone’s press secretary, stated that “The President of America isn’t allowed to decide when questions are taken from the press.”

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