What’s Going On With Facebook?


Many Facebook users are confused about what’s happening with their feeds. Some are even complaining that Facebook might be down or hacked.

According to Down Detector, there are actually several reports that Facebook is allegedly down.

Many Facebook users saw their news feeds filled with messages and memes about celebrities like Gordon Ramsay. Many users took to Twitter to voice their opinion using the hashtag #FACEBOOKDOWN.

One Twitter user wrote, “People heading to Twitter to check if any other’s Facebook is full people posting on celebrity profiles.”

people heading to twitter to check if anyone else’s Facebook is full of people posting on celebrity profiles #Facebook #zuckerberg #facebookdown pic.twitter.com/fG2WirInBf

— Kieran Delaney (@KieranDelaney_) August 24, 2022

Another user tweeted, “Thanks for saving my Twitter,” confirming that Facebook was indeed down.

Thanks for saving me twitter #Facebook #facebookdown #facebookhacked#ThankYouTwitter pic.twitter.com/yyvOTLNwKu

— TARA (@Tara12NT) August 24, 2022

“Who else used #Twitter as a way to find out what’s happening on Facebook?” “All I see right now is random people sharing photos to celebrity’s pages,” tweeted another person.

Who else came to #Twitter to figure out what is happening to Facebook?
All I can see at the moment is random people from all over the world sharing photos to celebrities’ pages.#Facebook #facebookhacked #facebookdown #bug #MarkZuckerberg pic.twitter.com/IxyH4vmi6H

— Abdullah Ashraf (@Abdull_GhaZi) August 24, 2022

According to Fox 4 Kansas City, one way to fix this issue is to go to “Feeds”, and hit “All.”

Facebook has not yet made a statement.

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