Biden Silent On Hardening School Security In Prime Time Address On Gun Violence


President Joe Biden gave a prime-time speech of 20 minutes about gun violence. He mentioned a variety of gun control policies but did not mention the importance for school security.

The president responded to the school shooting in Uvalde (Texas) last week, which left 19 children and two teachers dead. He presented a variety of proposals, including Red Flag laws, increasing the gun purchase limit above 18, banning assault weapons, and introducing Red Flag laws. However, he did not mention, anywhere in his speech, that armed security guards should be placed on school campuses, or improving school security. Social media was a hot topic for conservatives:

Contrary to earlier reports, Uvalde’s shooter did not receive armed force from “good guys with guns” prior to entering the school to carry out his massacre. Breitbart News reported at the time that gun control supporters had taken advantage of early reports that the shooting had been stopped by a “good man with a gun”. After a brief exchange of gunfire, local police entered the building and retreated. Border Patrol officers then entered the building and killed him.

Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden’s press secretary, stated outright that the administration doesn’t support hardening schools.

Jean-Pierre stated that he was aware of the discussion about hardening schools. However, he did not believe in it at a White House press conference. Jean-Pierre stated that he believes we should be able give teachers the resources they need to do their job.

Recent polls show that the majority of Americans support arming teachers with concealed firearms and school staff.


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