Muslim Leaders Tell Lefts, Stop Comparing Pro-Lifers to the Taliban, It Makes Us Look Bad


When the Supreme Court leak was first reported, Leftists immediately compared pro-lifers to the Taliban. The Daily Show stated that they were determined to make women suffer by banning the practice of murder in the womb. “After all the years spent yelling about Sharia’s threat, it turned out they were only jealous. Mia Farrow tweeted that Republicans would be “happy to impose Sharia law.” Another user on Twitter summarized the situation as follows: “Abortion is illegal since its inception.” Another Twitter user summarized the situation: “Schools are taught religion. Rejection of gay marriage. Rejection of science. Republican or Taliban? They all look exactly the same to me.” But, Muslim leaders in America are calling foul. These comparisons to Republicans give Sharia a bad name. reported Wednesday that the comparisons were not only offensive but also inaccurate. It stated that some American states have stricter abortion laws than Afghanistan. This allows abortion when the mother’s health or the likelihood of the child being born with severe disabilities is at risk.

Daisy Khan, the founder of the New York-based Women’s Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equality (whose husband Faisal Abul Raf was one of the main drivers behind the ground zero mosque initiative), stated that “we can’t preach women’s rights to other countries while we’re stepping away [American] women’s reproductive right. ”

Khan and her colleagues believe we can’t promote abortion by comparing its foes to Muslims who follow Islamic law to the last detail. The perverse way they do this is by calling Islam misogynistic and comparing it with Sharia. claims Abed Awad is “a national expert in Islamic law”, but doesn’t explain why. Awad states that Sharia is more egalitarian than the Taliban when it comes down to terminating a woman’s pregnancy. quotes Muslim leaders complaining about Islam’s inability to support life. They are also dissatisfied that Sharia is being discussed as if it were a bad thing. This shows how their decades-long public relations campaigns, even among allies, have failed. No matter how well-designed Sharia is, they would not consider it a weapon against prolifers.

Trevor Noah’s comments, and Mia Farrow’s remarks, “prove it. ”

It’s easy to see why some Islamic leaders find it irritating. The slightest opposition to jihad terror could lead to accusations against you of “hatred or bigotry.” Even the slightest opposition to jihad terror can lead to accusations of “hatred and bigotry”.


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