Biden Wingman Merrick Garland Set to Announce Probe of ‘Homegrown’ ‘Election Infrastructure Threats’


Victor Davis Hanson made an interesting observation during one of his podcasts. This observation is not new in itself but it was especially pertinent. Hanson said that Joe Biden has never been “good” in his career. The fact that he is now suffering from dementia makes it harder to hide that flaw.

This character flaw will be displayed sometime Monday. Biden and his cronies as well as his handlers know that they might not be able to walk away from the midterm elections. They are afraid that their sand castle will be washed away by the sea and are desperate. Desperate times require desperate measures. People in desperate situations lack moral compasses.

The Department of Justice will announce that it will investigate criminal schemes that could impact the 2022 midterm elections. Official bulletins will be issued shortly. You can be sure. This was obvious. It’s a fact I have repeated before. If they can’t win you over, they will make you pay. There are three main concerns: violence, false information and harassment of poll workers. Jen Easterly, director of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, downplayed the threat of foreign interference. Homegrown terrorism is the biggest threat to “election infrastructure safety.”

Politico reported the story, and dutifully and breathlessly quoted two news sources, Axios (12News) and 12News (12News), about two armed men who intimidated voters at Arizona drop boxes. It involved “vigilantes” wearing “tactical equipment.” This incident has all the hallmarks… MAGA REPUBLICANS. They called it “increasing reporting.”

Politico, would you like to go there? Let’s go.

Do you remember the Philadelphia incident from the 2012 presidential elections? The one in which armed members from the Black Panther Party arrived at polling stations armed with guns. What about the previous race? Here is a brief excerpt of the Washington Times article from November 6, 2001:

Philadelphia Magazine’s reporter found an “uniformed member” of the New Black Panther Party Tuesday morning at the entry to Fairmount Avenue’s polling station. Victor Fiorillo (the reporter) told the man that he would take his picture.

He replied, “No photos, please.” The black panther answered the reporter’s question about his security role.

According to reports, other Black Panthers also showed up at a second Philadelphia polling station on Tuesday morning.

Three members of the New Black Panther Party stood in front of a Philadelphia polling station on Election Day 2008, one brandishing a baton or nightstick. President George W. Bush’s Justice Department filed a civil lawsuit against three Black Panthers, Minister King Samir Shabazz (Malik Zulu Shabazz) and Jerry Jackson, accusing them of violating voter rights through intimidation, threats, and coercion. Although the Black Panthers did not contest the charges, the Obama administration dismissed the majority of the case.

The Black Panthers can maintain a threat presence at the polls with weapons if they want. We had the greatest president in American history to elect and re-elect. Vote blue citizen and you will be fine. If you had planned to vote red, just move on. Because they were historically on the “right side”, it was clear that Democrats had no problem with non-state actors intimidating voters.

Two people from Maricopa County, unidentified, are doing the same thing and it is a threat for the 2022 election. I don’t support intimidating voters, regardless of their political affiliation. But even the Left should see the disconnect. They can, even though they won’t admit it.

According to Axios, they accused voters of being “mules.” But, this is an era full of hoaxes and fake races, increasing questions about COVID-19 pandemic and a president who is unable to see his surroundings, telling people that the economy is strong as hell, and a press and administration that don’t have any concept of truth. Or they will ignore it in order to keep the privileges of privilege. Exaggeration and exaggeration are allowed. It is okay to lie. It is permissible to use force against law enforcement. It is permissible to ignore the law and violence is allowed. There is no way to avoid the law at this point. More Americans are learning this:

Wild predators will hunt for prey while scavengers wait on the edges, eager to grab the leftovers. The media scavengers are waiting for their turn at the carcass. One has to wonder about predators. Predators of animals eat for their food. What are these predators protecting, other than power, money and everything that comes with being a Democrat?

God only knows. But they are now aware that the public has finally noticed that they have lied and bungled their way to power. They don’t need an Oct Surprise, broken water lines, lost ballots or even 2,000 mules. The Department of Justice can fix it for them.

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