Joe Biden Struggles To Finish His Thoughts At DNC Headquarters


During Monday’s campaign speech at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee in Washington, DC, President Joe Biden had difficulty completing his thoughts.

After taking the podium, he declared that Democrats were “running against the tide” and was winning the battle. Recent polling showed that Republicans led the polls, but the president refuted this assertion.

“Now, the polls are all over the place. Most pollsters aren’t sure if they can be trusted anymore. He said that it wasn’t about the outcome but rather about polling. The president took out a microphone from his podium, and began speaking about multiple topics simultaneously without finishing his sentences.

“We must remember who we really are, for God’s sake. We are the United States of America. There’s nothing, no, nothing that can stop us from reaching our potential if we just put our minds to it. He began, before he walked away from the podium.

Before recalling a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, the president urgently reiterated that “possibilities are what define the United States.”

Biden spoke in a whisper, “It’s why we’re sort-of viewed as the ugly Americans. We believe anything is possible if we do it together.

The president kept talking about diversity and how to overcome crises. He also spoke about America’s future.

“If I could wave my wand, I would cure cancer. Why? He said it because “no one believes that we can do it but we’re beginning to do so,” and admitted to everyone in the room that he thought he was crazy.

Biden continued to speak using his rhetorical crutch phrases such as “I give you mine word as a Biden”, “not a joke”, and “y’all think I’m kidding.”

Also, the president appeared to have forgotten his usual speech ending in which he asked God to bless America as well as protect our troops.

Instead, he encouraged his campaign workers to spread the faith and repeated: “Vote! Vote!”

Biden raised concerns about his age during a recent interview with Jonathan Capehart of MSNBC.

“I believe it’s legitimate to be concerned about any age, even mine. He said that it was completely legitimate. “But, I believe the best way to judge is to watch me. Do I seem to be moving slower? Are you moving at the same speed?

Biden stopped and looked at the camera as he attempted to answer a question. Some observers wondered if he fell asleep or if he slept.


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