Brave Pro-Life College Student Excoriates Dem Machine for Deceptively Using Her Image to Promote Abortion


What is it that makes a pro-life supporter a life supporter? Democrats will say it because they believe so.

California’s Proposition 1, however, is getting lost in all the noise and fury surrounding this year’s races. The amendment is cosmetic, however, as California already protects those rights.

The Democratic Party created a video to support Prop 1. The Democratic Party made a video in support of Prop 1. People who made the video used Macy Petty’s image to show that she was grieving Supreme Court decisions. Petty’s sobbing image was accompanied by the phrase “sad “.

Hey Hillary, I’m the girl crying in this video. I am pro-life and those are HAPPY tears because I just witnessed a MIRACLE! @HillaryClinton @GavinNewsom #prolife

— Macy Petty (@macypetty0416) October 20, 2022

Petty claims someone altered the photo to make it appear they were editing out pro-life signs, including the banner that she was holding. It was shared on Twitter.

To the Yes on Prop1 Campaign and its supporters, Gavin Newsom, Hillary Clinton, and

A clip of Macy Petty clinging in front of the Supreme Court was included in your #yesonprop1 campaign video. My banner is titled “Students for Life”, and I am surrounded by friends who have similar pro-life signs.

Your campaign video made me look like a villain and deceived all my emotions.

You chose the part that makes you feel emotional.

These emotions have been manipulated by you. It is obvious that you think “we” are “sad”.

I am not part of “we”. Prop 1 is strongly resistant in my opinion.

This video of me was shared by many people earlier in the week. Hillary Clinton and Gavin Newsom were also included.

I demand you remove me from the Yes on Prop 1 video. You will not be able to use my passion, tears, or face in a way that encourages demon activity.

A 20-year-old might be upset about Dobbs’ decision. This could indicate that America is pro-life.

Please remove me from all your campaign videos and promotional materials You will immediately stop this blatant manipulation and apologize.


Macy Petty

Petty’s courage is admirable.

Winston Smith still works under the heap of metal cylinders he built in his cubicle at The Ministry of Truth. As if he were speaking for Oceania, he pounded out “Americans are Prochoice and Have Always Had to Be Prochoice”.

Petty’s case is particularly troubling because the editors/creators of Prop 1 propaganda could have trained cameras on any person in California’s plethora, antiDobbs, and pro-choice gatherings.

They did not. They intentionally chose to steal footage of protestors, degrading, etc. Although the footage could be considered public domain I will use “steal” as a description. California Democrats removed the footage from the context in order to prove their point. I will use the term “steal” to describe it. Pro-lifers are likely to cry with sadness when that day comes.

They may not have cared. Democrats, you are willing to do whatever is necessary to move the story forward. It’s just a standard operating procedure to achieve “the greater good”. Products are people. The means to an end.

Macy Petty doesn’t want to be taken out, and she is more determined not to be exploited.

Even though the conservatives won Tuesday’s election, Macy Petty and others like her will still be needed.

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