Trump Could Announce 2024 Run on November 14


Everyone’s top question: Will Donald Trump run for re-election in 2024? If so, when and how will he announce it?

Axios reports that Trump will launch a multi-day series of “political events” starting Nov 14th. He will also announce his intentions to run again for the White House.

It shouldn’t surprise that Trump hinted that he would be in the fight in ’24. However, it is clear that Trump prefers to wait until after 2022 to see what America wants in its elected leaders.

If everything goes according to plan, Republicans will be in control of the majority with historic gains after Nov. 8. This momentum will likely shift to Trump’s 2024 campaign which could start sooner than expected.


Mark Halperin, Newsmax’s correspondent reports that the 45th President’s inner circle has been busy blocking out days and getting ready to travel in anticipation of the official announcement.

Trump appears to plan to use the excitement of Tuesday’s historic GOP night to gain momentum for his 2020 bid.

Newsmax noted that the announcement could have been made earlier, but that Trump’s former team has apparently shifted their schedule to accommodate Tiffany Trump’s May wedding at Mar-a-Lago on Nov. 12.

Trump made his most recent hint about a ’24 campaign during a rally in Sioux City (Iowa) on Thursday night. As they do every Thursday, the rally crowd erupted in applause as Trump suggested that he was going all-in.

TRUMP: “In order to make our country successful and safe and glorious, I will very very very will probably do it again. Get ready that’s all I’m telling you — very soon.”

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) November 4, 2022

Axios added:

Trump has been getting closer to announcing that he is running. He enjoys the applause and hints to his supporters that he is doing it.

Trump stated that he would do it again to make America successful, safe, and glorious. Get ready.

A Trump spokesperson declined to comment. Discussions are still fluid and could change depending on Tuesday’s results. This is especially true if the Senate remains in balance and the Georgia race between Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker goes to a runoff.

At this time, it’s not clear what Trump’s announcement would mean for strong conservative candidates such as Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis (R), has been included in the mix as a strong Republican nominee for 2024’s general election.

It is also unclear how Democrats will counter Trump’s strong candidate, as most Democrats are awkward and hesitant about answering questions about Biden’s outlook for 2024.

If everything goes according to plan, the Republican Party and Republican voters may have an exciting and vibrant November.

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