California Gas Car Ban Will Apply To Virginia, Too, Due To 2021 Law


Virginia, despite having a Republican governor is on track for adopting the Californian restrictions on gas-powered vehicles.

California Air Resources Board issued this rule and held a hearing last week. It requires that all new cars after 2035 be electric. The same plan states that 35% of all cars sold in California should be free from fossil fuels by 2026.

A 2021 law signed into law by the former governor of Virginia means that Virginia will soon follow California. Ralph Northam tied Virginia to the emissions regulations of the Golden State.

A spokesperson said that “The Attorney General is hopeful the General Assembly repeals that law and discontinues any tendency that makes Virginia more California-like.” Virginians shouldn’t be dictated by unelected California bureaucrats.

Washington, Massachusetts, and other states follow California’s emission rules.

California’s order is Newsom’s September 2020 executive directive, which aims to ban new gasoline and diesel vehicles by 2035.


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