More Voters Are Registered As Republicans Than As Democrats In Blue Miami-Dade


The Democrats still have a lead in Miami-Dade. They are leading Republicans by 146.975 votes. However, Republicans have the edge in Miami-Dade with Hispanic voters specifically — a traditional target population of Democrats.

Miami-Dade, a traditional blue county in Florida’s Sunshine State, is home to many Hispanic voters whose roots are escaping communist regimes.

Florida went to Donald Trump in 2020’s presidential election. However, Miami-Dade voted reliably blue in that election. Miami-Dade voters voted for former President Donald Trump by casting 617,864 votes for Biden and 532833 for him.

But, Florida has seen a significant shift over the past few years. The Sunshine State has always had a Democratic advantage when it comes to voting. This was true until 2021 after almost two years of lockdowns and mandates across the country. Florida was quickly “America’s liberty post” thanks to the DeSantis administration, Republican legislature and their fight against government overreach. They prioritized personal liberty over fear.

Florida’s registered Republican voters now outnumber Democrats by well above 200,000.

However, this is not true in Miami-Dade where registered Democrat voters are outnumbering Republicans by 146.975 overall. However, GOP Hispanic votes outnumber Democrat Hispanics in the county.

Last updated August 1, data shows that 252,395 Hispanic voters are registered Democrats in Miami-Dade, while 323,133 have registered Republicans.

The Florida GOP stated that “Miami-Dade Hispanic Voters are rejecting socialism, and embracing freedom,” Let’s keep Florida free!

Florida’s primary elections were held Tuesday, August 23.


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