Cause of Death Revealed for Murdered Kindergarten Teacher Eliza Fletcher


A new autopsy report states that Eliza Fletcher, a mother of two from Memphis, was kidnapped and murdered by Cleotha ABSston-Henderson. She was shot in the back and suffered blunt force trauma to her head.

Danielle Harrell (D.O.), performed an autopsy. According to Danielle Harrell (D.O.)’s autopsy, the Christian kindergarten teacher suffered a gunshot to her back, blunt-force injuries to her right leg, and fractures in her jaw at West Tennessee Regional Forensic Center.

Prosecutors charged Abston with first-degree murder and kidnapping. Abston has a long criminal history.

“The thing about sexual predators is that it doesn’t seem to matter how long it takes,” John Kelly, a criminal profiler and psychotherapist, told Fox News. Kelly said that he has spoken with many serial killers and said, “When they get out, they’re back on the hunt.”

Abston’s criminal history began when he was a teenager. Abston was convicted of aggravated assault, rape, and kidnapping.

Abston was sentenced for kidnapping and for forcing a 16-year-old lawyer to withdraw cash from ATMs. Fox News reported Abston had also “committed juvenile delinquent acts of rape upon an unnamed suspect” at the age of 14.

Fletcher was going for a morning jog and was allegedly taken by the suspect to force her into a dark SUV.

Fletcher taught at St. Mary’s Episcopal School, Memphis. Fletcher is the granddaughter of Joseph Orgill III, a hardware wholesale tycoon who founded Orgill Inc. The company’s annual revenues exceed $3 billion.

Her body was found seven miles from the crime scene. Her water bottle and her cellphone were found by police.

Abston’s DNA was discovered on a pair of shoes called “slides” that were left at the crime site near the University of Memphis. Witnesses said Abston’s brother was seen cleaning out the vehicle and washing his clothes in a sink.

Police were reportedly confined to the area around Abston’s brother, and a dumpster that they took as evidence.

A neighbor told Abston’s Daily Mail by Abston, that Abston once asked her for sex and propositioned women in the apartment building where he lived.

She claimed that he used to stare at women whenever they were around.


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