Gavin Newsom Vetoes Bill That Would Have Given Illegal Aliens Unemployment Benefits in California


Democratic Governor disappointed illegal alien advocacy groups After he vetoed the bill to give illegal aliens unemployment benefits, Gavin Newsom was disappointed.

Thursday’s statement by the California Immigrant Policy Center was about the veto.

California’s unemployment benefits are denied to one in 16 workers due to their immigration status. The statement stated that this exclusion has caused families to lose their life savings and pushed people into debts of thousands of dollars, forcing others to take risks to make ends meet.

Excluded Workers Pilot Program provided unemployment benefits for “undocumented” workers up to $300 per week for up to 20 consecutive weeks in 2024. According to UC Merced, it would cost almost $600 million for all illegal aliens to receive unemployment relief.

The report stated that the pilot program could be extended to up to 140,000 illegal aliens.

California would be the third state to offer unemployment benefits for illegal aliens, after New York and Colorado.

Newsom stated that the bill was vetoed because of its high cost. Newsom stated that the initial cost of setting up the program was $200 million, and an additional $20 million each year to maintain it would have been required.

He also mentioned his other efforts to extend state welfare to illegal aliens, such as health care and a recent law that allowed illegals to apply for state identification cards. Newsom had Californians contribute $75 million to a fund to help illegal aliens with coronavirus in April 2020.

The CIPC stated that they will continue to fight for unemployment legislation to become law.

The CIPC stated that “This inclusive policy was critical to California’s resilience, well-being, and vision for a California for All.”

More information about Newsom’s illegal law:

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