Chinese Propagandists Say Pelosi Taiwan Visit Would Speed Up U.S-China War


Chinese state media intensified their threats Monday against Nancy Pelosi’s reported visit to Taiwan. They warned that Pelosi could provoke a military confrontation or even war. Hu Xijin was a former editor of state-run Global Times. He is an outspoken mouthpiece of the most aggressive wing the Chinese Communist Party. The Chinese state media have been particularly harsh against Pompeo, portraying him as a shaman in American politics who is trying to get the spotlight by inserting his self into the Pelosi/Taiwan story.

Hu argued in a video posted by Global Times Monday that “the Republicans definitely want Pelosi do something they didn’t dare to do while they were in office” and to drag the entire Democrat-led government into this mess.

Hu said, in an amusing misinterpretation of the American electorate’s priorities and a result.

Hu stated that there would be “definitely a military crisis” if Pelosi continues with her speculationd visit to Taiwan next year.

He said, “I believe that the Chinese mainland [the legal territory in China excluding Taiwan] will take every step to hinder her visit.” “China’s mainland will create a no fly zone over Taiwan or send PLA aircraft to the island with her visit. All things are possible.”

Hu has made a lot of threats to Taiwanese airspace by threatening a People’s Liberation Army invasion (PLA). He even suggested that PLA warplanes might attempt to force Pelosi’s plane to “arrest”. Any such behavior would be considered an act of war by the Beijing tyranny.

Hu stated Monday that Washington must stop Pelosi visiting Taiwan and warned it to “prepare for a military conflict” if Washington does not.

He concluded that “[China’s] public have long been impatient [with the island’s] provocations to seek Taiwan independence.’ Pelosi might accelerate a military confrontation.”

Taiwan is a sovereign nation over which China does not have any real-world authority. China wrongly calls Taiwan a “province”, and refers to its statehood with scare quotes.

Hu’s war-mongering bloviations are not far behind the Chinese government. Zhao Lijian, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, did not threaten a military response but instead preemptively blamed America for any untoward events.

“We are prepared for every eventuality. The Chinese side will take strong and firm measures to protect our sovereignty and territorial integrity if the U.S. insists on the visit. Zhao stated that the U.S. must take full responsibility for any serious consequences resulting from such a visit.

When asked by a reporter whether he was planning to threaten a military response against Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, Zhao responded: “I’ve just made my position very clear. The Chinese side will resolutely react to the U.S. request to make the visit if it is denied.

Zhao stated that the reports that China has been threatening the Biden administration with increasingly harsh threats over the past week were substantially “correct.”

Zhao suggested Tuesday that a “cooling down” of U.S. rhetoric regarding “Taiwan related issues” was necessary for improving relations between Beijing, Washington. This offered a carrot for the Biden administration in order to continue with its military threats.

Voice of America News (VOA), Monday’s news, saw both sides stepping up over Pelosi’s rumored visit. China would dictate where high-ranking American officials can travel. Beijing would then be seen as weak for allowing Pelosi, despite its threats, to visit Taiwan.

David Sacks, a research fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), said that Xi Jinping, the Chinese dictator, “likely fears” that Pelosi’s high-profile trip to Taiwan will make him look weaker in the eyes other Party members. This could lead to him appearing as someone who doesn’t have a firm grasp on one of China’s most important issues.

He suggested that Xi would try to avoid another blow to Taiwan despite facing significant economic headwinds as well as pushback from his zero-COVID policies at home and tight lockdowns at home. “A crisis could be used to distract the public and rally public opinion,” he said.

“If China tried to stop Pelosi’s plane landing, we would be facing a Taiwan Strait crisis which would be much more dangerous than any previous crises, given the political contexts of Washington and Beijing,” Sacks stated. He was referring to the three major crises in U.S-Taiwan China relations, the latest occurring in the 1990s.

Professor Emeritus Arthur Ding, Taiwan’s National Chengchi University, believed Beijing would not respond to the extreme provocations or military reprisals it had threatened. Instead, he suggested that Beijing settle for a combination of diplomatic pressure and economic sanctions.

Ding suggested that China might (respond) in this respect, rather than suddenly raising tension through the PLA fighter planes accompanying Pelosi, which would be tantamount provocation from China to the United States.

Fortune speculated Tuesday that China could profit from America’s dependence upon Taiwanese producers for computer chips. This vital industry could be affected in many ways by the Chinese.

Hu Xijin has criticized some Republicans for encouraging Pelosi’s visit. They argue that Biden cannot be seen as controlled and intimidated by China, which Taiwan News noted on Monday. This is especially true since Russia’s invasion in Ukraine may lead Beijing to conclude that seizing territory by force might be possible.

Scott Perry and Tom Tiffany wrote a July 22 letter to Pelosi asking her to reject the objections of President Biden, and to continue with her planned trip to Taiwan. She was told that she shouldn’t have to ask any foreign dictatorship for permission to speak to America’s allies and friends as she is the House Speaker.

They also encouraged her to schedule a vote in favor of H. Con. Res 21 calls for the end of the “One China” policy as well as normalizing U.S.-Taiwan relations. They noted that the recognition of China by President Carter was contingent on Beijing agreeing to solve its Taiwanese differences through peaceful means. However, China continues to threaten to annexe the country by force.

On Sunday, Don Bacon posted a Tweet in which he said: “Communist China doesn’t get to dictate who in America may visit Taiwan.” A little more than 20 minutes later Brian Fitzpatrick tweeted that he was urging Pelosi to “show strength” and “not cower to bullying by the Chinese Communist Party.” Fitzpatrick also stated that cancelling the trip would show “further weakness and play into hands of the CCP.”

While the Taiwanese government is still silent on the topic of Pelosi’s planned trip, the Financial Times quoted “several individuals involved in national security strategy in Taiwan” as saying that Taipei felt “trapped” by the controversy and anxious about Beijing’s reaction and Taiwan’s future, if the U.S. backs off.


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