Chicago Mayor. Lightfoot Refusing To Pay Speeding, Red Light Tickets As They Pile Up


Numerous police-operated vehicles that were used to transport Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot reportedly received multiple traffic tickets, which have not been paid despite the mayor’s call for tighter speed cameras.

Two of the SUVs that were used to transport Lightfoot around Chicago have been issued three speed camera tickets as well as two warnings over the past month. CWB Chicago reported Monday that the tickets were not yet paid.

CWB Chicago also reported that one SUV in the mayor’s fleet had a red light ticket not paid, and that two SUVs previously assigned to Lightfoot’s security detail have exceptional speed and red lights tickets.

One of these SUVs can be taken to court and impounded if payment is not received.

Lightfoot’s SUVs were reportedly speeding in school zones, and two of the violations were committed by Lightfoot’s SUVs. The citations also stated that there were school children present.

Lightfoot has supported a push for lowering the “buffer zones” threshold speed cameras use before issuing citations from 10 mph down to 6 mph since he took office. This will help make roads safer.

“No one loves speed cameras. Lightfoot said that he understood the situation. “But this is death or life that we’re discussing here, and we have to act as a city to address it.”

Lightfoot pointed out the dangers for children, even though she was ticketed for speeding in a school zone while accompanied by her security detail.

Lightfoot stated, “It is absurd that any City Councilmember would vote to allow for increased speeds close to spaces used by our children.”

Chicago Tribune reported in 2020 that Chicago had canceled the majority of tickets issued to Lightfoot’s security staff. This included tickets given to Lightfoot at times when he was not attending any city-related events.

The Illinois Policy Institute is a libertarian think-tank. It found that Chicago had issued 3.8 million speeding tickets. This has generated almost $80million in revenue for the city since Lightfoot reduced the threshold.

In a vote supported by Lightfoot, the Chicago City Council rejected a measure to remove the lower speed camera threshold.

WLS-TV reported 84% of speed camera tickets were issued to drivers who drove between 6-10 mph over the speed limit.

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