Clever Students Turn Tables on Woke School Teacher During Pronoun Usage Talk


Despite the many successes on the education front, thanks to parents of all walks of life who have united against the implementation of CRT in their opposition, there is still much despair from “progressive” folks pushing for gender identity politics discussions in public schools classrooms to be the norm rather than the exception.

It’s scary to see how many videos are posted on TikTok by woke “educators” bragging about how they indoctrinated their students to believe that it will lead to them knowing their true selves. This is especially frightening considering the fact that this often happens without parents being aware.

Every once in a while, however, students come back to life in a wonderful way and give us hope for the next chapter.

One elementary school teacher from TikTok sought advice from fellow TikTokers after pronouns mysteriously appeared in her combo 5th- and sixth-grade classroom.

According to the teacher, one student criticized her for not using his preferred pronouns to refer to him. He retorted that he was right, she apologized and asked him what his pronouns were. She replied that he was a banana, and a rock. Although she was critical of him for making fun of the idea of preferred pronouns in her view, she said that other students did not agree with her and that he could identify any way he chose.

The woke teacher was confused and pleaded with her TikTok followers to tell her “is it true” that a rock and a banana could be pronouns?


Parents posted the clip to Twitter on the Libs of TikTok page. They also shared their experiences with their children, giving similar answers to their teachers in the comments section.

Inez Stepman said that the male student identified as a rock and a banana would one day become a king. He used his college pronouns list to write “his Majesty” and forced all his professors and friends to address him like this.

Although I know many of you are laughing at this thought, don’t be surprised if it does happen! Their parents offer humorous suggestions for them on what to say, and their natural intelligence, I see a scenario in which a lot of rocks and bananas make it to the top of the class, complete with a royal king or queen crown.


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