Mall of America Shooting, No Injuries Reported After Suspect Fires Three Shots at Nike Store


After an altercation between two groups of individuals, a suspect pulled out his handgun and fired three shots at a Nike store located at the Mall of America.

At a Thursday evening press conference, Bloomington Police Chief Booker Hodges stated that the officers had shown “a complete lack of respect for human life.” “They fired multiple rounds into a store crowded with people.”

The gunfire did not cause any injuries and the suspects fled from the mall. It remained closed until Thursday evening after a lockdown.

One video shows a man shouting outside a Nike store, on the second floor. Then he fires what sounds like several gunshots.

Chaos and confusion at @mallofamerica. Making people go outside. #mallofamerica

— Andy Paras (@AndyParas) August 4, 2022

Within 30 seconds of the gunfire, a Bloomington officer arrived on the scene. After the shooting, several officers were seen on the scene with rifles patrolling the mall as shoppers were instructed by a PA system to seek shelter.

Andy Paras, Fox 55 Fort Wayne’s news director, posted videos of the chaos. He said that a woman had blocked the mall entrance to ensure no one else entered.

“Tonight’s violence on the Mall of America is unacceptable.” Minnesota Governor Tim Walz tweeted, “These brazen incidents will never be tolerated.” Tim Walz tweeted. “We are committed to maintaining an unprecedented state police presence in the Twin Cities until we stop this rise in crime.”

Hodges stressed that this incident was isolated and not a result of an altercation between two parties.

After the shooting, a large police presence was visible at a nearby motel. However, the suspects were not found there.

Hodges stated, “Please turn in your passport.” “Should your choice not to turn in, our officers, partners, and our detectives will not stop until you are locked up,” Hodges said.

The Mall of America, America’s largest mall, will reopen Friday morning.

Samantha Busch (the wife of NASCAR driver Kyle Busch) posted several videos to her Instagram story that showed rollercoasters in the mall earlier today.

“If you’re seeing the news about [Mall of America], we got out and are safe. Busch posted a message on Instagram following the shooting: “Praying for others inside.”

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