Connecticut Looking To Hire A $150,000 Misinformation Sheriff Ahead Of The Midterms


Connecticut officials are seeking to hire a “misinformation sheriff,” in order to prevent the spread of “misinformation” during the 2022 midterm elections. $150,000 is the cost of the state’s greater effort to educate the public about all issues related to the election before the midterms. Copy of Gov. A copy of Gov.

The New York Times said that the misinformation chief would be responsible for monitoring “far-right social media networks” in order to “root out early false narratives about voting, and then urge companies to remove or flag those posts that contain false information.”

Scott Bates, deputy secretary of state, seemed to defend the new position, asserting that “misinformation could erode people’s confidence in elections.” Officials, however, said that they “view it as a critical threat for the democratic process.”

Officials in Connecticut stated that the goal of the state was to monitor the internet for election falsities. The Connecticut legislature approved $2,000,000 for television, radio, mail, and radio education campaigns about the election process. It also hired an election security officer.

Officials stated that they prefer candidates who speak both English and Spanish to combat misinformation spread in both languages. The officer will track viral misinformation posts on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and YouTube and search for new narratives and memes on fringe social media platforms as well as the dark web.

The budget also states that $4 million was allocated by the state for capital funds to the Democracy Initiatives Project. This project “will work to upgrade both the central voter registration system as well as the election management software.”

News of Connecticut’s intention to hire a misinformation chief is following the Biden administration’s attempts to implement such on an international scale via the Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board. This was “paused” after weeks of protest from Americans. Nina Jankowicz, the controversial leader of the radical left-wing misinformation department, has since resigned.


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