Trailing Oz By Just Over 900 Votes In GOP Senate Primary, McCormick Asks For Hand Recount


Republican Senate candidate Dave McCormick declared Tuesday that he will seek a recount in 12 Pennsylvania counties to determine the outcome of the May 17 GOP Senate primary vote. This was done to ensure that McCormick O and Mehmet O remain within a narrow margin.

McCormick trails Dr. Mehmet Oz by just over 800 votes out of more than 1.3million votes cast. All counties must start by Wednesday, June 7. They are also required to submit their recount results by noon on the next day.

McCormick’s top campaign official complained that they were doing a recount of a count for which he didn’t know the results. Two is the Department of State with completely different [results].

The official stated that they would like to have a hand count of 12 counties today to see if there is a delta between the information provided by the counties and the data provided by the Department of State. There are between 15-20 000 votes and the difference between what was actually counted and what was. ”

According to the official, “We will understand and recount by hand any anomalies and have receipts that can be verified and trusted.” ”

Oz, a heart surgeon and author, was a well known celebrity doctor who hosted the TV’s “Dr. Oz Show” until last year’s launch. McCormick, a former hedge fund executive, West Point graduate, Gulf War vet, and Treasury Department official under President George W. Bush, were the top vote-getters among the seven GOP Senate candidates.

The crucial general election battleground state is one of the few that will succeed retiring Republican Senator Pat Toomey. This race will decide whether the GOP wins the Senate majority at the November Midterms.

McCormick would pay for the cost of the hand count. One campaign representative said that a list was available which included precincts as well as counties where the undervote was outside of the norm. We request hand recounts in these areas …..

These 12 counties include Allegheny, York, Centre and Chester. Cumberland. Erie. Lancaster. Monroe. Schuykill. Delaware. Bucks. Westmoreland.

Oz or McCormick will face Lt. Governor. John Fetterman won easily the Democratic nomination. Officials said hand recounts could be performed in 12 counties simultaneously with the state-mandated automatic machines recount “because we don’t want to delay it.” “We don’t want delays. We want Republican primary voters to know that there is a winner. We can all vote for the nominee and defeat Fetterman this fall.

Oz declared that he was the “presumptive nominator” on Friday as automatic recounts began. He claimed that he was honored to have been nominated for the United States Senate by the Republican Presumptive nomination. Oz encouraged Republicans to “unite.” ”

McCormick and Oz worked tirelessly to secure the endorsement of Trump’s former president. He has been there 16 months and continues to play a crucial role in the party primaries.

Trump supported Oz last week and, thanks in large part, to his support during campaign’s final days, he was a major player in the race. Many right-leaning people were concerned about Oz’s conservative credentials. Trump’s vocal support for Oz helped allay their concerns.

Trump has been trying to re-litigate his 2020 presidential election loss over a year and a half, and continues to make unproven claims about voter Frau — the day following the primary, he stated via social media that “in Pennsylvania, they cannot count the Mail-in Ballots It is a BIG MESS.”


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