Dem Rep. Menendez: Support for Mass Deportations Doubled Due to ‘Dangerous Republican Narrative’


On Friday’s “CNN This Morning,” Rep. Rob Menendez (D-NJ) stated that increasing support for mass deportations is a “response to a dangerous Republican narrative.”

Co-host Erica Hill asked, “[A] new CNN poll out this morning, 31% of Americans support prioritizing mass deportations of all people living in this country illegally. that’s up from 15% in 2019. The language is tougher, from President Biden, all the way on down. Is that more about polling and politics, or do you believe it’s actually language about policy?”

Menendez responded, “I think it’s a lot of the politics that have gone on in the last several years. People see the situation at the border and they’re responding to the Republican narrative around what’s happening at the border. Now listen, there is a global migration challenge, between global climate change, between failed governments in our hemisphere. There’s a challenge that we have to address at the root cause and also how it’s appearing at our border. But when you look at what Republicans talk about, when you talk about a mass invasion like you hear Texas Republicans talking about, when you talk about things like replacement theory, these are things that have gained hold in our electorate, because that’s what Republicans are talking about, because they think it’s — if they can come up with a conspiracy theory that’s dangerous enough, that Americans will trust them. So, when you see the rise in support for mass deportations, it’s in response to a dangerous Republican narrative.”

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