Mayorkas Doubles Down, Says ‘We Need’ More Migrants Amid Border Debate, Impeachment Fight

Graeme Jennings, Guillermo Arias/Getty Images

President Joe Biden’s border chief says Americans need more migrants to fill jobs — even as House legislators debate his possible impeachment and the Senate considers a legislative deal he helped broker.

Mayorkas made his demand for a high-migration, low-productivity economy during a softball interview with the New York Times:

Interviewer Lulu Garcia-Navarro passively accepted his family-separating, George W. Bush-like “Any Willing Worker” pitch as she suggested the nation’s migration debate is really about how to ensure more orderly migration:

Mayorkas did not mention that a primary legislated goal of the immigration system is ensuring that American families are not discarded by employers’ use of cheap and compliant foreign labor.

Since 2021, Mayorkas has allowed more than 6.2 million migrants into Americans’ housing, schools, hospitals, and workplaces. His policy has pressured down Americans’ wages. It also boosted rents and housing prices and inflicted more divisive diversity on Americans’ society. The inflow has also pushed many native-born Americans out of careers in a wide variety of fields and spiked the number of “Deaths of Despair.”

Mayorkas heads the Department of Homeland Security that guards the nation’s borders. But he has repeatedly called for a Canadian-style migration system in the United States that would supply companies with all the labor they prefer. Yet Canadians increasingly recognize that their migration strategy has caused great damage to their people and economy.

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However, Mayorkas’ pro-Wall Street economic agenda is downplayed by GOP legislators and by most reporters. The establishment’s silence is a tacit admission that the dispute is powering the nationwide populist upsurge that sidelined Jeb Bush and elected President Donald Trump in 2016.

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Emma-Jo Morris / Breitbart News

That democratic pushback is powering the House impeachment of Mayorkas, many court battles, and public opposition to the establishment-drafted border-management plan in the Senate that would legalize much illegal migration.

Mayorkas played a central role in drafting the planned legislation with Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) and Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

The interviewer also ignored many dramas in Mayorkas’ tenure — including his 2021 decision to stop deporting illegal migrants once they cleared the border, and the overall impact of his favoritism towards migrants — including more anti-Semitic attitudes and racial appeals — and his moral and legal duty to Americans, including roughly 5 million men who have fallen out of the workforce.

Similarly, the New York Times article sidelined the huge death toll among migrants trying to reach Mayorkas’ welcome, and his failure to curb the cross-border flow of drugs that kills roughly 70,000 Americans each year from drugs. It was also silent about Mayorkas’ recent deals with Mexico to steady the inflow of economic migrants.

Instead, the interviewer mischaracterized Americans’ rational and legitimate concerns about Mayorkas’ nation-changing immigration policies, and allowed Mayorkas to smear those concerns as unreasoning “hate”:

The interviewer did not ask, and Mayorkas did not explain, why he dismissed the public’s majority criticism of his migration policies as mere “hate.”

In general, Mayorkas gets kid glove treatment when he speaks to the national press.

For example, the Associated Press also interviewed Mayorkas and let him dodge the awkward issues of his pro-migration skew, record on drugs and migrant deaths, wages and housing, law, and polls. But the Associated Press article did include this bouquet:

The New York Times‘ softball interviewer, Garcia-Navarro, is on safe ground with her pro-migration editors.

For example, a February 2 article by the newspaper’s Editorial Board complained that the border deal is threatened because “Republican leaders … are engaged in other forms of sabotage.” The deal should go through, said the board, because it will legalize more immigration:

Extraction Migration

Since at least 1990, the federal government has relied on Extraction Migration to grow the economy after it allowed investors to move much of the high-wage manufacturing sector to lower-wage countries.

The migration policy extracts vast amounts of human resources from needy countries. The additional workers, consumers, and renters push up stock values by shrinking Americans’ wages, subsidizing low-productivity companies, boosting rents, and spiking real estate prices.

The economic policy has pushed many native-born Americans out of careers in a wide variety of business sectors, reduced native-born Americans’ productivity and political clout, reduced high-tech innovation, crippled civic solidarity, and allowed government officials to ignore the rising death rate of discarded Americans.

The policy also sucks jobs and wealth from heartland states by subsidizing coastal investors and government agencies with a flood of low-wage workers, high-occupancy renters, and government-aided consumers.

The colonialism-like policy has also killed many thousands of migrants, including many on the taxpayer-funded jungle trail through the Darien Gap in Panama.


  1. More lies by the biden administration. Mayorkas is incompetent just like the rest of this administration. Illegal immigrants are a drain on our resources, are a danger to the legal citizens because of disease, violence, theft and getting government aid which is being taken away from low income citizens. Most come here to get free education, free medical care, most of them don’t want to work once they get gov.aid, or want to leave posh hotels they are put in. Our school children are being removed from schools to virtual learn so the illegals have a place to stay. So the students are falling way behind other nations and losing needed association with others.

  2. Translation……”we’re gonna flood the country with people who’ll vote the way we tell them to, and there’s nothing you can do about it”!

    • I agree, the non-white U.S.A. citizens are finally realizing they are not gaining ground under the Demo-rats platforms. So they are switching parties to the platforms of which the U.S.A. comes first. The Demo-rats are using illegals as replacement voters. Look at the high crime, no-bail, unemployment, untrustworthy officials, high taxes, unemployment in our
      Demo- rat’s run cities and states. Nuff said.

  3. I love immigrants. I have worked with many that came in our country through the legal system. Illegal aliens who invade our country are a dangerous and terrible people. The others just want a hand-out. Don’t forget the money this regime is getting from the cartels for the drug smuggling, human and child trafficking. Why would obiden want to close it down. China doesn’t have to declare war on us. The fentanyl that is coming across our border is doing the killing. Let’s not forget about the terrorist cells. Don’t worry though, Wray has it in hand, as soon as he is finished harassing and jailing obidens opponents who don’t agree with his ideas on legalizing death and socialism.

  4. By the way, obiden, with the pen and executive orders, opened a secure border, he can do the same to close it. He won’t, because he wants the money attached to the bill for his Ukraine war, We are paying both sides, by letting putin use the once sanctioned pipeline to get money for the russian side. Don’t get me satrted on Iran.

  5. These anti AMERICANS are just as much criminals as many of the entities that they import.It doesn’t take too many illegals to totally screw this country up and that’s besides the democRATS.


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