Democrats Are Fooling Themselves on the Popularity of Abortion


The Left’s court-packing strategy is based on Roe v. Wade’s reversal being so out of touch with American citizens, but also on absurd claims that giving the public the ability to vote on an issue not mentioned in the Constitution is an attack on “democracy”.

It is a terrible claim. But, the truth is, they don’t even know what Roe is. They don’t even understand the legal arguments for Roe being overturned.

According to the poll, “46% believed Congress should pass a “national bill allowing abortion” — which is a vague term. However, 46% believe Congress should pass a “national law allowing abortion” — a vague phrase. But, 44%” prefer to leave abortion laws to the states. Monmouth could have headlined Monmouth’s findings as 54% of Americans Oppose a National Law Codifying Roe.

What is the deal? Could it be that 60% of those who support abortion by judicial decree are also in favor of codifying the exact rights through the democratic process? Are people still confused about Roe’s existence?

These insignificant questions have been raised by pollsters for decades about abortion. This is a practice that most Americans are not happy with.

Public Policy Polling recently asked the question: “Which of these statements best represents your view on abortion?” “I believe that women should have the right to choose, and Roe V Wade should not be overturned.” Or, ‘I believe abortion should be illegalized and Roe V Wade should not be overturned.’

Politico asked voters recently about the possibility that women could get abortions in prison. Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization doesn’t have to answer this question and the anti-abortion group opposes it. It specifically exempts women who had an abortion from being charged with homicide.

NPR reports that the majority of respondents oppose the Supreme Court’s decision on abortion and are concerned about other rights. NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist’s transparent push poll doesn’t ask questions about policy. However, it does show that most respondents are opposed to packing the court.

Monmouth’s question asking voters if they support Democrats’ plan to “allow” abortion is misleading the public.

Why don’t pollsters question voters about whether they agree with Biden’s administration that abortions are vital to keeping the poor down and increasing labor-force participation and the economy? Guess what? It polls well.

Dobbs lets us see what people think.


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