Biden Hastily Ends Press Conference As Reporters Shout Questions


President Biden abruptly ended a press conference, turning his back to reporters and declaring, “I’m out!
Biden answered several questions from pre-determined reporters at a Madrid press conference, Spain. He then tried to close the event by saying, “All right guys,” before closing. Biden ended the meeting by closing it.

“There is no such thing as an instant one. Biden said, “I’m out of there,” as he left the podium. Numerous reporters raised their hands.

Biden, who has a history in walking away from reporters trying to ask questions, smiled when he left the stage, while several voices shouted, “Mr. President.”

Biden repeatedly referred to a pre-determined number of reporters that he was directed to call earlier in the press conference.

“I’ll happily take your questions and Darlene Superville, from The Associated Press, is the first question,” he replied. He began the question-and answer portion by reading off a piece paper.

During his calls to reporters, he continued to refer back to the paper multiple times.

During his remarks last week, Biden held up an index card that contained detailed instructions such as “YOU enter Roosevelt Room and say hi to participants” or “YOU take your seat.”

Biden stated that he supported Congress ending the filibuster in order to pass legislation to protect a national right for abortion. Biden initially supported the Senate filibuster being kept when he was elected, but he was asked to reveal any executive actions he might take to ensure abortion access nationwide. Biden stated that codifying Roe v. Wade is the only way to solve this problem in Congress.

Biden stated, “The first thing we should do was make it obvious how absurd this decision was.” “I believe that Roe v. Wade must be codified in law. The only way to do this is for Congress to vote to do so.”

He said, “And if filibuster gets into the way, it’s just like voting rights. We should require an exemption to the filibuster in order to take this action.”

Biden had called on Congress to codify Roe after Friday’s Supreme Court ruling, but he hadn’t called for the end of filibuster. Biden only called for the measure to help pass an extensive overhaul of election laws, which his administration failed.


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