Democrats Desperation to Stop Trump Isn’t Just About Keeping Power, It’s Fear of His Retribution


While the raid on Mar-a-Lago tells a lot about our country, it also says a lot about how we view ourselves as a nation. However, if you really look at it, it says a lot more than us and more about the Democrats.

The Democrats have demonstrated how desperate they are for Trump to be stopped. They’ll make up the worst excuses to raid any former president in history.

They fear him running for office in 2024, and they are looking relentlessly for anything that could stop him from being a candidate.

They fear losing power, but it’s more than that. It is almost like the Democrats value it more than anything else. They place self-preservation as the only thing that is more important than power. They are aware that Trump’s second term will not be the end of his first term.

Trump will be out for revenge and will likely use his power to enact vengeance on members of the Democrat Party. This does not mean that he will fire people. He is likely to launch investigations in order to expose their worst secrets. These secrets could land them in jail and cost them millions. Trump is likely to launch a crusade motivated by his personal need to punish those who have wronged him with the support of the Republican Senate and Congress.

The Democrats’ desperate attempts to abuse our justice system with barefaced abandon reveal that they are determined to avoid this outcome. There has been a lot of commentary by leftist outlets such as CNN, which makes it clear that the Democrats went too far and most likely empowered Trump. Although it seemed like a stupid move, when you consider it from the point of view of some of the Democrats in power, it was the right move.

If Republicans don’t show up, Democrats will be wiped out in midterms. Their foolish decision to put an unqualified, ailing man in a leadership role puts 2024 in jeopardy.

With all the Republican polls pointing towards Trump as the 2024 nominee, Democrats may be starting to feel the hair on their backs rising. They have a lot of things to hide. Hunter Biden’s laptop and Fauci’s dealings in China with their COVID-19 virus, Nancy Pelosi’s insider trading, and many other things are obvious items the Democrats want investigators to not worry too much about. They know that Trump will return to open the doors to all this if he returns.

They realized that desperate times require desperate measures, and so they used the FBI and DOJ under their control to start saving not only their power but also themselves. This includes raiding Mar-a-Lago and taking Sen. Scott Perry’s phone in the hope they would find something.

They need to find something, and it should be large, or Trump could return to the presidency. If he does, then the likelihood that Trump’s head will roll is even greater.

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