Greg Abbott Makes Perfect Told You So Point on Illegals in Response to Eric Adams Whining


In April, Texas Governor. After announcing a new charter bus order, Greg Abbott caused backlash from The Usual Suspects. It would allow illegal immigrants who had been unannounced into already overcrowded Texas towns due to President Joe Biden’s disastrous open border policies to be bussed to Washington D.C.

“We are sending them there to meet the Biden administration,” Abbott said. This was just a few minutes after the CDC announced that Title 42 would be ending, a Trump-era policy that was implemented to stop the spread of COVID-19 illegal immigrants.

New York City was later added to the list. This has angered Eric Adams, the mayor of New York. Adams has repeatedly attacked Abbott over the policy and accused him of cruelty. He also complained that his city is being overrun. Adams threatened to send a busload with him to Texas to persuade voters not to support Abbott during the fall election.

Adams recently called Abbott an “anti-American governor”.

Abbott spoke out Wednesday on Fox News about the necessity of the policy. Abbott stated in many words that Democrats up to Joe Biden don’t care about the negative impact of illegal immigrants on Texas towns. They’ll be paying attention to the illegals once they show up in Democrat-run areas like NYC and D.C. This is especially true if the “leaders such”, as Adams and Muriel Bowser, openly complain about it.


Mayor Adams has no idea what Texas deals with every day at our southern border.

Despite its sanctuary city policy, NYC can’t handle even a fraction of the chaos Biden has created.

This should be a wake-up call to the Biden administration to do its job & secure the border.

— Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) August 10, 2022

In a related matter, Gov. Fox News also received a copy from Abbott’s office of the consent to transport form that they claim they give illegal immigrants when they arrive.

They note that the D.C. option is not the only one. It also serves as the capital of the United States. This means that members of Congress and the President are better able to address the immediate needs of immigrants who have arrived in the United States.

It also mentions that NYC is an option and that the city has been designated as a Sanctuary City by the City Council and provides shelter and food for migrants who have arrived in the country.

NEW: This is an English version of the voluntary consent waiver migrants sign before agreeing to take a TX bus to Washington D.C. or NYC, Gov. Abbott’s office tells me. They say it’s available in multiple languages, & allegations migrants are bussed against their will are false.

— Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) August 10, 2022

Three more buses containing illegal immigrants arrived in New York City on Wednesday to prove that Abbott isn’t interested in appeasing Adams.

This is the correct approach and one Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis also promised to follow suit in the event that the Biden administration continues to dump illegals into the Sunshine State at night when no one is watching.

Both Abbott and DeSantis know that turning around their policies on Democrats is the only way to make them see the error in their ways. As Democrats aren’t known for admitting when they are wrong, this rarely works. But both Republican governors believe they can make moves that benefit the safety and security of their states. It also gives people in the cities being transported the opportunity to see the daily life of border states such as Arizona and Texas.

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